Weekly Bonus Event: Legion Timewalking

Weekly Bonus Event: Legion Timewalking

Travel back in time to rediscover Legion dungeons, the challenges of the Mage Tower, and more in this week’s Bonus Event.

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Big Brother please buff Moonlit Prism drop rate

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Also court ring and the other trinket its a joke that some bis items are only avaible one week in a patch

TW should be a permanent event. There are 7 expansions (soonISH to be 8) plus Vanila so 8 weeks of contents. Each week different dungeons. Also add more TW raids.

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let the farm begin for better loot

Isnt court of stars also in dragonflight season 1?

What is the ilvl drop in TW? Still 210?

Actually, there are only 6 weeks of content because there is not a Vanilla Timewalking (but it should be one with removed versions of Vanilla dungeons) and there is also no TW for the current expansion (for obvious reasons) and the last expansion (because that is too soon) so currently there is no BFA TW but sometimes during DragonIsles expansion they probably add BFA TW.

Anyway, I agree with you that TW must be expanded and have it always available rotating expansions every week. I add that Blizzard should add to TW all missing dungeons from those expansions and also I would like a TW version of LFR with the raids that had LFR mode back them, at least from Cataclysm onwards.

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Chesus give me a strengt to not lose my sanity while trying to farm prism…

I love how my bis trinket is available once in a blue moon…ffs

I agree with you that Vanilla isn’t part of the timewalking. What i meant is that it should be. There are enough dungeons from it so it can become part of the event with ease.
Also when i said 7 i included BFA too it should be added to the rotation already. So 7 expansions plus Vanila that is 8 weeks of content.

I really like your idea about increasing the number of available dungeons per event. A good mix is the old dungeons which become a M+ to not be part of the TW dungeons. That way we can have different stuff. When old dungeons are removed from the M+ they go to the TW and so on.

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