Weekly reminder Buff dk PVP

little story time today on 1.8 with my full geard dk i faced apreist and a sub rogue
he dueled me on 100% i used icebound+ms stuned rogue he trinket he was in cloack so
i cant blind and i even pet stuned for a sec and he killed me NICE GAME BLIZZLORDS
before shadowy duel ended


You my friend, don’t need a regular depresso… You need a depresso martini!

Suffer well!

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working as intended, make sure you mail them something for their love for us

unfortunately frost DK is not a favourite like rogue ,dh etc

True last Nerf hit unholy dks a lot (damage, healing, necrotic wood and defense). since frost is bad spot also. We will suffer for the rest of the season. We need help

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Spec Blood and just soak everything while your team does the rest.

Not fun, but it sure helps you not get killed every 2 seconds.

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drop the setbonus (it sucks anyways, the magus barely do dmg, and the 5% dmg increase from 4set is only 2% in arenas) and run full versa gear.

The benifits are your dmg wont be noticable lower, actually versa increases some other sources as frost fever and physical portion of your dmg. Also your death strike will heal more and ams absorb will be bigger.

The dmg reducion part from versa is actually lot more then what it shows.

Give it a try

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