Weekly Screenshot Competition

Hello everyone! How about a good old screenshot competition?

It’s as simple as it gets: From now on we’ll be reveling a weekly topic here on Forums. You’ll have from Tuesday until Sunday to post your submissions. On Tuesday of the following week, we’ll select the best screenshots of the week, show them to everyone we know and move on to the next weekly theme!

If it’s fun we can do it…forever?


  • Forum rules must be respected.
  • Take a screenshot related to our weekly theme and post it in the appropriate weekly forum thread. World of Warcraft only*
  • One submission and up to two screenshots per submission.
  • No heavy editing, watermarks, or logos on your screenshots please.
  • The weekly threads will be added below.
  • The competition is open for submissions every week from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Winning screenshots could be featured on World of Warcraft social media channels.
  • The rules are a subject to change. Check a current weekly thread for any changes to a specific week.

We’re open for constructive feedback and suggestions! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Weekly themes:

Screenshot Competition Week 1 – Dragons Appreciation :dragon_face:
Screenshot Competition Week 2 – No Diet Day


Please note that we’re taking a short break from this competition, but it will return for sure :blush:

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