Weird Disconnects, jumping

Yes okay, so this usually happens when i just start playing the game and this is only started happening since last maintenance by the way.

But lets say i jump with my mount from a height, not super high, but high enough its a bit of a drop right?

Soon as i touch the ground? Disconnect.

Lets say im at the mailbox by the bank in Ironforge and whoop mount up, fligh the way to the auctioneer, dismount mid-air cause im cool that way… soon as i “fly” and touch the ground? disconnect.

I have no idea wtf is going on lol, i’ve never experienced this before, not in 14 years of playing.

fix your servers… as im fairly sure it cant keep up with whats happening in that moment and doesnt register so it disconnects me.

Edit : MS for home/world is low and stable.
Around 30ms for each.

No actual lag visible or registered.

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Hiya Milkmaid,

Thank you for listing your experience and going into detail as to what you experience. I understand you think the servers are causing this, but please do go through the steps listed in the Connection Troubleshooting Support Article as well, in case it is something locally. Go through all the steps listed thoroughly and retest afterwards. Let me know how you get on.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

Hi! I totally agree, since this week - so new ‘patch’ I also experience large ping spikes, game lags, disconnects which mostly result in turning off and on the game, which doesn’t always help.
I have also noticed, that sometimes I have strange kind of bugs, meaning that for example I am on a mount, but the mount is not visible, I can’t interract with any NPC’s or cast spells, unless I dismount ‘by hand’ clicking mount icon, but I can write, see what people write around me.
Home MS is around 10-15, while in-game, largest I’ve noticed was 4000 (shown when mouse-over the ‘?’ icon in game.
Basing on above, I’m sorry @Nenyasqi but I do not agree, that it is home connection issue, as I am able to use everything else, eg browser or other games, but cannot play WoW normally. Maybe it’s something that support should look into? Saw similar topics on us forums too.

Im having the same problem, lag has caused me to lose plenty arena games tonight, i have 250mbps cable connection, everything works perfectly, when i test my net speed, everything is perfect, except for wow, where tonight i got 300ms normally, spiking up to 1k. i normally get around 36ms but i got ten times that tonight, with no apparent cause, i restarted everything from modem to pc and nothing helps. server side issue for sure.

I am experiencing the same problem. I jumped off from a hill. I havent even touched the ground, disconnect. I can log in any other character and play except this one char. I never had this problem before. Cant seem to do anything to avoid the disconnect.

Exacty the same problem for me. It’s been happening for a very long time but I only just thought of looking it up.
It also sometimes happens when I glide down from somewhere and touch the ground. The other day I glided on an enemy mob, disconnected and died in the process.
Today I was on my alt and jumped down a cliff, disconnected when I landed and it disconnected me 3 more times when I tried logging in.
(Connection is fine, it only happens at “landing” situations often enough for it not to be random.)

Glider landing disconnect bug has been happening since forever but there seems to be a new disconnection bug when jumping down from a higher spot and landing in some terrain in Shadowlands that keeps you disconnection many many times when you try to log back in. Never seen this problem in previous expansions. It won’t be fixed I guess so the only good solution for this is to use unstuck option from the website that teleports selected character to Westfall.

Use the self-service option to move your character