What’s the most fun WarMode/World PvP Hunter spec?

I want to level up a hunter and relearn and old fav class I played. I’ve not played one since 2010 and I used to love world PvP.

I was looking for some input from hunters that currently pvp and enjoy the warmode as to what they find fun. I saw some good explosive trap yeets off of Dragon Isle mountains that made me think “I want to do that too!”

I like to focus on one spec as I level so I can get some good keybind muscle memory going on. Looking at the three specs I’m guessing BM and MM has a lot of overlap with spells? So coming from a melee where the E key is my builder and the R key is my main spender, some BM and MM keys would remain the same?

Any advice just to help knuckle down and inspire an old hunter who wants to return to popping off again!


Edit: My hunter is a time capsule of the last time I logged him off before setting up a 2nd account to roll a horde character, if you want a laugh at his gear!

Hi there,

All 3 specs are strong for world PVP.

If you’re going for the “highlight reel” moments, MM would be the best. You have a knockback, and you can also have Explosive trap, so you can have 2 knockbacks. You also have Sniper shot which increases your range by a lot for 6 sec and you can take people down from afar. However, MM is the easiest to kill of the three. It is especially weak to DoT and rot damage.

BM is the “safest” in a sense that it is easy to play and can give you solid results, but it’s not as exciting as MM and you will have less “oh wow!” moments. Also, bear in mind that BM’s damage profile is slow steady damage, which is great for arena, but doesn’t work against some specs in the open world, while MM can destroy anybody in 3 sec, if they don’t react fast.

SV has the strongest kit overall, but is very hard to play for a new hunter. You will literally get destroyed in seconds by everyone and get demotivated, unless you learn the spec inside out. SV requires a melee/ranged hybrid playstyle, unlike any other melee in the game, which is not very intuitive for new players. When you learn it though, and get good, you can defeat a lot of specs and infuriate some beyond belief. Survival has Mending bandage, which is good in world PVP, and especially strong against ferals and rogues.

Good luck on your journey, hunter is the most fun class in the game IMO, it’s easy to start with, but has a very high skill cap and you can always get better


Thanks for the great write up. Hunter was my first and second character I levelled back when the game came out. I tried a sub rogue and feral druid when TBC came out and kinda stuck with melee playing the game on and off over the years.

I got a SV to 48 a few weeks ago and already know that I will enjoy that, but was looking to try a ranged hunter, so appreciate the answer.

I’ve been trying all the specs since I returned for DF and so far I enjoyed leveling my Destro lock without using the pet (sac?), kiting with the slow and firing in big chaos bolts… Sounds like MM might be similar.

MM and Destro have similar damage (very high) but MM is more mobile and Destro has more healing.

MM has a PVP talent that makes your slow 70% instead of the usual 50%. No other hunter spec can get this.Also rapid fire is usable while moving. Another feature of MM you might like is the Salvo+Volley combo - if you volley a group of enemies, 2 of them get explosive shot embedded, and agter 3 sec both explode, dealing damage to everybody around

How often will I use Steady Shot? Trying to get all similar spells across classes onto similar keybinds has really helped me learn new specs.

My most comfortable SPAMMY Keybind (think sinister strike) I have put arc shot on… and my Evisarate keybind for kill shot?

I read that steady shot is not used much so I don’t want to put it on a good keybind and then get used to it being there! Sorry for such random questions.

In PVP very rarely, in PVE maybe more.

For PVP your prime keybinds must be Aimed shot, Rapid fire and Arcane shot. For example I have Aimed on R, rapid fire on E and Arcane on F. And for comparison, I have steady shot on T, which is not a prime keybind.

Then your next best keybinds should be Concussive shot and tranq shot. You will use these 2 very often in PVP, almost on cooldown.

Finally, use the next best for Death chakram, volley, scatter shot, intimidation. These are 30sec to 1 min CD so usable often but not rotational

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Ahh similar keybinds! Yeah I use E R F as well… I put conc on C as despite it being nearly 20 YEARS AGO… I still have the muscle memory for it being there haha, which is crazy.

Thanks for the advice, you’ve helped my choice. I’m gonna level as MM.

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