What About the Other Flights

We all know the usual five flights we have. Red, green, bronze, blue and black. And the whole pitch seem to be that dragons will be guardians of Azeroth once more.

Reds being the custodians of life, greens of the dream, blues of leylines and magic, bronzes of time, and blacks being warders of the earth.

I just hope blizz includes other lesser flights with this xpack. There were so many left out stories regarding other flights.

Like nether dragons for instance, formerly black dragons, now free of their father’s madness. I could imagine them being a great boon to Wrathion, given the black flight lacking numbers. Nether dragons can fly in the nether and also phase through, could make them ideal protectors I dare say?

There is also small bits of lore of Wrathion cleansing the madness of several voidwings.

Knowing Azeroth has been threatened by creatures from both the twisting nether and the void these could come in quite handy as protectors. Could also serve the whole story lead of dragonFLIGHT. Bringing back the lesser flights into the fold and forging new bonds and protectors kinda deal.

Thoughts anyone?

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