What are the benefits of Lightforging?


I have been looking around for some information on just what changes the Lightforging process do to Draenei, aside from the obvious ones such as cool runes and cooler horns.

Personally, I always figured that the Lightforging was in a way the counterpart of the fel-corruption many Draenei have undergone to become Eredar, I.E. it made the bigger, stronger, more endurant, except with more Light themed elements instead of Fel, such as being more attuned to Light spells, and presumably much more resilient to corruption. And with a bit more watered down effects compared to Fel, as I have yet to see a Lightforged Draenei match Archimonde or Kil’Jaeden in height.

I figure the benefits must be pretty amazing in order to make up for the high risks involved, as the Army of Light was not really in a position to waste their people as they were only a few hundred thousand if a few million strong against the endless trillions of the Legion.

What do you think? Is the Lightforging process in essence just a light-themed powerup? Does it have any unique benefits, such as near immunity to necromancy or soul corruption/theft? Or does it just serve Turalyon’s obsession for all things shiny and gold?

Let me know your thoughts!


Lightforging just doubles your bragging and wont-shut-up rights about how the Light is everything blah blah blah…

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It makes you immortal too. Even Draenei can die of old age, they’re just very long lived. But even for Draenei, this will grant them extended life.

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Lightforging converts a draenei into the strongest wielders of the Light out there, short of (OP) Azerothians or Naaru. We’ve seen a Lightforged Draenei (LFD) kill demons just by jumping onto their head, wiping out an entire squad (Fareeya). We are beyond any doubt, the deadliest Paladins out there with none of the weaknesses of temptation to evil. Remember that on Argus, these apparent mere golden spacegoats were going up against the Legion’s greatest: Dreadlords, Fel hounds, Winged Eredars, Inquisitors, Pit Lords. They’ve been doing this kind of fighting for tens of thousands of years. When Azerothians fought similar forces at the Broken Shore, they crumpled like paper before it.

Come to think of it, there is a lack of well…any real weaknesses for a LFD.


Golden tattoos

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I think that the Lightforged who joined the Alliance are extremely tame and even somewhat boring in that regard. There’s no conflict with the void elves, no conflict with the night elves etc. In general they act just like your regular run-of-the-mill draenei vindicators but with golden eyes instead of blue ones.

Ironically, the Lightbound in the Mag’har recruitment scenario are far more how I originally imagined the Lightforged: Fanatical zealots who see the world in black and white who would get along pretty well with factions like the Scarlet Crusade.


Have we actually ever seen how the souls of Lightforged are tortured or used? On Argus we find the corpse of a code breaker of the Army of the Light, and you would think that the Legion would grab her soul in order to get some information, but it doesn’t seem like it happened. Souls are worth a lot in the Warcraft universe, and the Light would probably not give up on one if it can help it. So, this might actually be true.

Outside of this: The Lightforging process is seemingly just a regular power-up. Probably akin to the bio-enhancements of the Space Marines from Warhammer 40k as the Army of the Light/the Lightforged share a fair number of traits with one another and Blizzard is not really creative. (Powerful elite soldiers, drop pods, a direct quote from Warhammer 40k, fanatical, some type of ‘walker’, and high-tech-equipment when compared to regular armies.)

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A light-blessed complexion.

Golden eyes.

Tattoos where the sun don’t shine.

Increased Libido.

Increasingly elaborate horns.

New, never before seen hair styles.

The ability to not be able to become a Shaman, Monk or Death Knight.

The most generic Human Paladin in existence is your racial leader.

Your ability to heal is replaced with the ability to call down an intergalactic space laser from your ship.

You can summon an anvil any time you want for fun and profit.



i still dont get why cant be monks, normal can. and even before pandaran they had monks on argus, even is wqs to be ghost as one and do a fist fight with another.

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