What are these constant reworks?

Yea so the whole expansion is just a paid beta test, that’s my issue with this. You seem to like it, good for you then.

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Yes some talents are exactly the same as some of the conduits we had before, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make, the point is we can pick 60 of them when before you had what 5-6? :smiley: It’s a lot more complicated to balance something when players can pick 60 out of 100 vs 6 out of 20 :smiley:

Yes I’m loving it. I’m having a ton of fun with all these reworks, makes the classes and specs I play feel fresh / new. What I’m waiting for is a Druid Class Tree rework now. Hope that rework makes Druids also feel better.

I don’t see your point at all really. A lot was taken from SL to DF. They really struggled to balance SL, they are failing to balance DF
That’s the bottom line really and as we can see, reworks aren’t always the answer. Infact they completely broke game balance in 10.0.7 but ok

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They broke game balance cause some stuff was overtuned, but they reworked the way a class plays, feels. So it wasn’t a failed rework, the rework was a success the failed part was the tuning and now that we have better tuning people are happy that a rework happened.

Reworks are not always the answer, but more often than not they will be the answer in the first expansion that introduced talents again after not having them for a decade.

Like I don’t expect these reworks to keep on happening and probably next expansion it will be more like adding single nodes / 1-2 capstones and tuning the existing trees, but of course Dragonflight will be the expansion of reworking trees to see what works and what does not.

Ret rework decimated a relatively healthy playerbase
If you call that a success then idk what to say mate

Savix wa sliterally spamming twitter w soloq and his 80k followers and some other us streamers and now he quittet via s1 when it came out and moved to wotlk cause he didnt like soloq …

Can’t speak for others but Lock didn’t really change much.

the big advocator for lfg changes and soloq stoopzz also said that this is not the soloq we asked when they saw shuffle in sl beta

its like many ppl have asked soloq for game past +7 years or so when privas have had something as soloq so they want it in retail too, ppl have asked it for years and now that blizzard adds it they make some weird version of their own with 6 rounds and healers quit the game

everyone is like “this is not the soloq we asked for” now except the few dps that enjoy it for some reason and dont mind the long ques :dracthyr_shrug:

i think it was very bad idea to add it in game like this, can see the heals agree and the ppl pushing for their seasonal glads in 3v3 aswell

I had 56m q today…

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56min for 0cr hc pve geared pve trinket healers on 2kmmr then random stuff happen and one of the heals leave after 2-3 loses cause why not and they literally have nothing to lose, this is why i dont que dps no more :smiley:

i dont know how this can even give people achievements like this, i would understand if it just gave conq but not else

Disc seems to be even worse on PTR than it is now from what I’ve heard (from people who played on ptr). They can already come up with the next rework because that one didn’t seem to work. The class needs to have a build option with competitive throughput but apparantly they don’t want that for whatever reason.

Meanwhile fistweaver has two times the throughput of Disc while also dealing more damage, having a kick and having better cc. “Melee first” I guess.

I still think they are just too afraid to give disc proper tuning because they messed up and overloaded it with hpaladin levels of cooldowns

i think it was ironic they nerfed disc dmg saying it was doing too much and then proceeded make hpriest do 50k dps while also having stronger single target burst healing than disc ever had

just one of these things when blizz say something and in the end their actions makes no sense at all

im still wondering btw what did they mean when they started nerfing soul link and self-healing back in the something w/e announcing they dont want to see drain tanking style gameplay in the game

maybe i just read too much into the announcements but blizzard and me we have long history of not understand each other

Again it was not the rework that decimated the playerbase, the rework was a good one, the class was better, it felt better, it plays better. It was the initial tuning that caused the issues. Like the rework worked and is here today, they only changed the numbers for spells / talents.

Middle of the week, early hours, probably low online. Yesterday in the evening I had 5min queues at 2200.

Yea but i work late this week so i cant on a diff time 14-22

Don’t really mind Rogue being reworked; Assa and Outlaw are imo badly designed. The fact Outlaw only works with dance (which imo it shouldn’t have) I find hilarious and all of Assa’s damage is in bleeds and it has probably the worst offensive CDs in the game.

Also there is basically zero choice in talents.

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and the beef being that also while multiple other classes and specs have been either buffed to broken level op or had their talents reworked for similar effects the rog rework which were needed and promised is still not here

The issue is they want every specc to do exactly the same… i’ve read numerous times demo needed buffs because they didn’t do damage.

Isn’t that actually exactly what this game needs? You play demo, you provide cc, interrupts, stuns, ms effect and tankiness. You want to do well in arena? You find a complementary class…

The game died when it adapted to modern day expectations… we all feel entitled to everything. My class needs to do burst, sustained, high dmg, cc, interupts and be tanky.

I promise you, pvp is unrepairable because everybody does the exact same thing and you’ll always end up picking who does the exact same thing a little harder.

Remember the days where a mage brought burst/peels but was squishy. Gl killing a mage these days. Same with lock classes. Brought dmg and cc but it died. Or you decided to take an arms because they brought ms, were tanky and had good dmg when on a target but the downside was they didn’t have much cc and were easily controllable.

Or you went with a rogue which brought control, ms and allowed for setups, but games couldn’t last to long because they were squishy. Ever fought a nelf sub? Unkilleable if they have half a brain.

Pvp is dead and it won’t ever be repaired until they understand we need specc identities back.

Sad stuff

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