What are these constant reworks?

Can you stop? Who asked for them (genuinely asking, is it because of pve heroes or what)? How is it possible that this far into the expansion, they are pumping out reworks every patch? I know this is Blizzard, so paying to beta test is more or less the norm, but this is unacceptable even for this company.

So far we have a disgusting and uncalled for rogue rework coming up, and now to be accompanied by a dh rework. The dh one doesn’t look so bad yet, but “talent updates will be starting to roll in as they become ready” means we are likely in for a bad time with this one too.

Also good job on buffing demo locks by 30% on everything, I’m sure everyone missed them :+1:t2: Sure has been rough to not see a demo lock in every game now for a month or so.


they said they wanna rework every class and specc in df idk if its bad or good thing

I appreciate their effort :slightly_smiling_face: at least they are trying to make things better in the game.
Let’s hope they succeed in the end.


I see, must have missed that. But then all of that should have been done at once as part of the finished Dragonflight product. Now these random reworks lead to massive balance issues in favor of the reworked class every time they decide to do one.

Can they patch that for 1 day just so I can get 2100 illusion ? :joy:

The devs don’t have a clue what they are doing. Holinka left , who knows what’s going on for PvP development now

If we take previous work they have done
Ret & Aug (if you count it)
Then I don’t want to see anymore thanks

Yea painfully obvious, really shows that they have no one in charge now.

And very much this :joy: their fine previous work is the reason I don’t want to see anymore of it. Honorable mentions to the mage rework too.

but mostly a rework turns into the class beeing giga broken xD

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exactly my point i mean aug wasnt a rework just a new specc right, but i rather saw a 3 dh specc before anything

i think they announced that on twitter and wowhead made a poste aswell if i remmeber but its prolly5 or6 months ago

First expansion woth this new talent system so it makes sense to do reworks/improvements as they go

Probably sitting on a mountain of data and feedback compared to streamers with beta keys

ahhh forgot the old mage rework didn’t I. Melee need a miracle to catch good mages, and the lovely ignite bug that loads of mages exploited to get free rating

What a brilliant game with competent devs


i appreciate it as disc because they’ve been missing the mark quite often on this spec

Disc actually deserves a rework, it doesn’t mechanically work in arena that they try to build the spec around atonement. Hopefully it won’t turn into the next hpala rework though.

I still think the biggest source of all problems with disc priest is their lack of foresight.

disc had no problem with cooldowns in shadowlands or bfa, and then they just hit us with a huge change giving double PS and life swap as almost default talents in dragonflight, like how could they not see this would end up problematic.

and then after that when disc was actually tuned in a way that it felt good to play, to nobodys surprise you had a spec that actually did some healing with more cooldowns available than current holy paladin and it was broken…

so now they’re in this panic mode where they just nerfed dome by 10% and doubled its cooldown and are simultaneously trying to rework it so it’s actually working somewhere because you have both PvPers and PvE’ers crying that it’s not good in arena, m+, or raiding.

hoping for the best…

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Some classes do need a rework.

The problem though is that the rework done usually makes the spec even worse OR, they completely mess up the numbers part and it annihilates en masse.

I don’t expect a positive outcome from the reworks. Especially looking at what they are doing to Demonology… Ugh. So weird.

Like half of the community? What do you mean who asked? Do you visit class forums? Do you listen to top PvP and PvE players? Like I wish they will rework the Druid Class Tree cause the whole Druid community has been asking for it ever since the expansion released.

This is the first expansion with talent trees, this changed every single class / spec / spell in the game, of course it’s gonna have a ton of issues, I think they even said in an interview that Dragonflight as an expansion will be the expansion of testing out and reworking talent trees until they get them right. They told you that and you still angry about it?

Some of them will be idiots , seeing a different class getting ‘reworked’ so begging for their own class rework. Everyone enjoys different Eras of their specs usually.

Ay what… erm about that

This is weird. Why do you think this? It wasn’t all that different coming from Shadowlands. They just put some covenant abilities as talents and some others were the other things from shadowlands cant remember you had to learn them and slot them. edit - Conduits?

Yes this is the first expansion with talents in such a format and with talents that give as much power as these do. You can’t compare them with the talents we had last in Cata I think where you’d put sometimes 5 points in a talent to get 5% DMG. :smiley:

The current system is VERY different because of the amount of combinations you have possible. Before it was what 5-6 talents and one covenant with bonuses. Now you have specs that can access in their tree 2-3 old covenant spells, all the previous talents they had before, all the talents they didn’t have before and more. So it turned from 30 possible outcomes for a class / spec to 1000 different possible outcomes.

You can’t even compare them to current talents. For some classes a full tree of conduits was like a 10% increase in DMG, we have single point talents that now can give you 10%+ in DMG.

While not directly comparable the statement was confusing at the least. I’d say they share more similarities than differences, it’s just they evolved and are more modern

Maybe for some classes but I’m quite sure some of the DH talents are the exact same as talents

i like that were gaining the stuff in 10.2, current patch and season 2 has been pretty bad everything wise