What are your plans for phase 2?

Hello everyone, i was thinking of asking an important question as phase 2 is close. What are your pvp plans? Are you one that will stay up day and night with poopsocks to rank 14 camping Blackrock mountain or will you be the one not really caring about the rank system? Personally i will go for rank 10 atleast for the blue gear and i will farm on a daily basis. atleast 25 kills a day. Present your thoughts!

raidlog and wait till the snowstorm moves to bgs

Ah i see, are you not fond of world pvp too much then i suppose?

sadly (for pvp) i play a tank warrior. so my chances of kiling anything are basically 0. unless i have my raid with me i rather not engage in anything pvp related.

but i am realy looking forward to alterac valley

Ive seen some good fury specs tank with dual wield. Have you seen that before rob?

i am one of those

I think i will just stay in IF and RP, might move to SW and PR during the weekend!

I thought your guild was the beez niz when it came to all wow content Pvp and pve. I guess the guild isnt entirely hardcore as one like to think.

So, are you griding honor after all ? LULZ

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