What are your weekend plans? 🍹

Good Morning Forum dwellers, and a wonderful happy friday to you all! :dracthyr_heart:

What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

I’ll be headed down to my hometown for the weekend to visit my partner and celebrate their birthday. :partying_face:


Get a bunch of felweed and level my chemistry >.>

and play some wow, do Fyrakk Heroic for a chance to not get the legendary :c

And braai a Snoek for my dad on sunday! a big one, like 2.5kg big xD


No big plans, i have work weekend so working saturday and sunday. Will do some remix today and some m+ tonight.

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Whats a snoek?

A fish, i hinestly dont know what it is in english xD


edit: oh its a sortof pike o.0

Looks good :smiley:

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For Saturday i plan to watch some european championship match.
For Sunday a good lunch in countryside with friends.


The only things I have planned are the URC Semi-Finals.

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In WoW? Remix and I need to finish 25 world quests for the trading post reward.

In RL? I wanted to go out in town, there is a vintage market that I would like to see.


Go to the pub, have a nice cold pint and wait for this to all blow over!


Friends from the Netherlands visiting so will be showing them my local town (which is actually quite pretty and old in places) and catching up. Sadly the weather forecast is rain and thunderstorms which isn’t great. (One of them is the guy I sometimes play wow with so I’m actually on topic for once in my life!)


DMing D&D on sunday.
Not much else for the rest of it; just relaxing and enjoying myself (much like most days really). Daily walks with the dog of course, but that’s always on the menu.


nice, I’m playing a one-shot in between my own campaign next weekend haha

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Will touch grass perhaps? But it is way too hot outside, so I might reconsider that option.


I am coming back from Ireland tonight,

Tomorrow I will restock my auction on Cata classic, I will start the farm for 33k honor that I need for rank 6 on SoD.

Later I will shave my head an beard that in the evening I have to attend my best friend birthday party.

Thankfully this week I have the weekend for rest day so I don’t have to come back to work on Sunday, I will join another coworker to a techno festival. I will dress up as Ace from One Piece and my colleague like Itachi from Naruto.

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forgotten realms?

I’m currently DM-ing two campaigns and playing in two other campaigns.
Also have a regular boardgame dungeon crawler (Chronicles of Drunagor), but scheduling is always a thing. :sweat_smile:

What are you playing in the one-shot? :smiling_face:

That one yes. I’m doing the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. I’ve already done it for another group a few years back, but I figured I’d try it with other people. It saves me a bit on prep time, already being familiar with the content. :smiling_face:

The other campaign I DM is homebrew and set in a world I created myself. Next week on friday is the next session for that one. :grin:


I’m running Icewind Dale as a first time Dm for our newbie group as we got into it i think almost 2 years ago now, and we’ve been playing it for 1 and a half at this point.

Also just finished an online campaign and starting a new one next tuesday.

Feylost spirit bard called “Memo”(short for memory, since he lost his when beeing abandonedat a young age in the feywild), tiefling, but descendant of beshaba for the white hair and antlers instead of horns, cause I like the aesthetic, and i spoke to my dm and flavoured it so that instead of ghosts, he pulls his power from dreams from his glass orb that’s connected to the feywild

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Nice. Haven’t done that campaign yet. Is it fun?

I’ve been DMing for 8-9 years now. Our first real campaign was Tyranny of Dragons. Took us around 3 years to finish.

There was kind of a big gap during the whole global pandemic era when we hardly played. We tried doing it remotely through discord and whatnot, but I didn’t enjoy it. I like having the players actually at the table.

4 years or so ago I think I took on a second group to DM for with completely different people. We did a campaign in the same homebrew world that the other group was then (and is now) playing in. It was fun having a little bit of crossover here and there (but fairly tricky to all keep consistent). After that campaign was done, I suggested to do Tyranny with them and we’re going into session 3 on sunday, so still very fresh.

Sounds interesting. :grin:
Reskinning stuff is always fun. One of my current characters is a warlock, but she serves a good aligned Celestial. So all ‘shadowy’ or otherwise dark types of magic have been reskinned to being light or radiant based (even though in terms of mechanics its still dealing its original type of damage - for balance sake).

That’s a fake Tah. Been reporting the impersonator, but so far hasn’t done any good. I would NEVER play a male gnome (or wear such horrendous transmog). :sweat_smile:

Also, basically everything the fake Tah said he is doing is stuff I hate. I hate Classic and would never play Cata. I don’t attend (or throw) birthday parties; hate them. I hate techno music and festivals in general (too many people). And lastly I don’t like anime and would never dress up as an anime character.

So there’s that too. :joy:

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