What caused the Naaru K'ara to enter a void state?

It’s stated that the Naaru K’ara was injured which caused it to enter a Void state, and caused it to go to war with the other Naaru aboard the Genedar, D’ore and K’ure.

The battle weakened both D’ore and K’ure so neither Naaru could pilot or land the Genedar, thus it crashed onto Draenor, killing D’ore and many of the onboard Naaru.

What was it that injured or infected K’ara to make her turn bad and attack her kin?

I think it’s just part of the natural life cycle of Naaru. It’s been noted in the lore that they switch between the two over a period of time. As far as I’m aware, normally this happens whilst they exist outside the plane of Light, similar to their antithesis the void gods when outside the Void etc… They’re both sort of out of balance with the mortal plane (reality) so have to expend/consume some sort of energy in order to maintain their corporeal forms. They’re like giant battery powered Chandeliers… so it could just be that at that point in time K’ara expended all their energy and couldn’t regenerate during the Draenei’s long exodus just before they arrived at Draenor. It’s also likely the injury sustained just accelerated this otherwise natural process.

The Draenei had many haven worlds before eventually settling on Draenor. In each attempt to make a new home, Kil’Jaeden and the legion eventually discovered them causing them to once again pack-up and flee. It was at least partially confirmed during the Legion order hall quests for priests as part of the background lore for the holy priest artifact weapon T’uure. You hear about some Draenei priestess using it to hold of the Legion whilst the others make an escape on the dimensional ships mentioned. So it’s most likely K’ara sustained an injury when fleeing their previous (temporary) home.

From what i recall it was exhausted from fueling the Genedar. If it sustained any injuries, as Belorious said it would likely have been during an escape from Legion.

Based on what Xal’atah said during Legion the Light state of the Naaru is artificial/forced so it makes sense their Light, at any given time would be finite outside of what they consume. (That’S why they draw souls to themselves, when dark btw)

Great answers, thanks guys.

I did completely forget that they landed on other planets before Draenor so that would be a good explanation on where she could’ve sustained injuries.

Priest is the one class I’ve never really played so I’m excited to get mine onto Legion content and experience through it. But for now, TBC content, and I’m loving it so far.

Thanks again, guys!

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