What class after playing holy paladin


I didn’t play WoW since BFA (well technically SL, but I barely started the campaign) and I always played Holy Paladin. I never really seriously played WoW (especially endgame stuff, like what the hell is M+ dungeons).

Right now I’m playing with my old character and doing the Shadowlands campaign to see if I like the game in general and if I should buy Dragonflight.
I always played Holy Paladin, but right now I just wanna change, it’s kinda boring.
So what class should I play?
(And on the other hand, I’m so lazy to level up a new character…)

I kinda tried hunter before, I’m gonna try it again but yeah.
I think I prefer melee? Idk I’m just very lost

What parts of the game do you like? That’s very important in recommending a spec.

If you are mostly questing, a Healer spec like Holy Paladin is not going to be a lot of fun.

You could pick up a two-hand Strength weapon and start with Retribution Paladin. Full instructions here: https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/retribution-paladin-pve-dps-easy-mode

Or you could pick up a one-handed weapon and a shield and go Protection: https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/protection-paladin-pve-tank-easy-mode As a Prot Pala, you are in Tank spec which makes you a builldozer in questing - totally unkillable, you just roll over everything!

Have you thought about using one of these other specs?

Beast Mastery Hunter is a fine spec, probably the easiet in the game to quest with,but if you prefer melee, you might look at

  • Havoc Demon Hunter is quite a lot of fun once you are high enough level to get all your abilities. It can be a little squishy until you get good gear tho.

  • Fury Warrior is also quite a fun spec to play. Lots of action.

YouTube ais a great resource for looking up specs to see how they play - the best you can do short of levelling and playing one yourself.

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Thanks, I’ll look into the demon hunter

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Knowing what you like is the most important part of choosing a class and only you can know that.

I like Shaman.

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