What class fits this criteria best

Hallo folks,

I’am looking for a class that

  • is a hybrid
  • not flavor of the month/overpopulated/likley to be overnerfed
  • healing is cool but I like tanking more
  • range dps would be prefered over meele
  • Plate wearer are prefered
  • I would like 2 dps specs in case one sucks bad
  • I kinda disklike keeping track over multiple dots over a long period of a time
  • Not monk

I have not played much longer than a month in retail since MoP. I kinda wanna go back into raiding, later on maybe even mythic, might try to get into a cutting edge guild even though this might take longer. Aside from that I enjoy a broad variatey of casual content from random bgs, over clearing old content to pet battles. I really hate rerolling once I got into a class.

I’m look at

  • Druid this class basicially has what I want expect i really dislike its theme. I dont like its shapeshifting and the availible races either. Its the only class with tank + range dps option not sure if i can get get used to its style

  • DK love the theme and its looks, it brings a tank spec with 2 dps options which is great since I can run my own m+ and later find a spot in a guild as dps. Downside it has only meele dps options which are usally not as sought out in raids since there are to many of them. Kinda goes into overpopulated.

  • Paladin can fill all 3 roles, but since I only wanna get into 2 specs max 1 is kinda dead since the combination of tank + healoffspecc is less usful than heal or tank + dps spec. Also only having 1 dps option is kinda bad when that spec isnt that good right now. Also I read its really good right now which makes it prone to be overnerfed

I cant really decide. Maybe f tank spec and go priest or shaman :confused:

Congratulations! You have clearly and exactly stated a case for why what you want is not possible. I couldn’t have done it better myself! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, you know everything anyone else knows. Nobody is going to be able to find some subtle solution. You just have to decide which of your criteria are more important than others.

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So you want a ranged DPS/Healer/Plate. No such thing.

It may be better to choose the things you don’t want and exclude classes on that. Armour is such a stupid thing to exclude from. Also make your own mind up, no one else can do that for you.

First question should be Pet or no pet.
Second, Pure DPS or Hybrid.
Second and a half, which one Healer, Tank, or both.
Third, Ranged or Melee.

Those should start you off and almost finish you off too.

i want to play druid but i dislike boomkin on horde, i think it fits very very very well only “Night elves” so playing boomkin on horde seems very strange to me.
I would like a undead druid, or pandaren druid.

I would like to play paladin, but i dislike all the holy/hero/champion kinda guy theme, too much of a good guy :expressionless:

So we kinda need to compromise :frowning:

Choose one

So either Druid, Warrior or Death Kinght? (or Shaman but you said you wanted to tank)

There is no common ground for all of these conditions and you didn’t say which is more important to you.

Tanks don’t usually have a ranged off spec, Druid is the exception. Most ranged hybrids are healer/DPS only like Shaman or Priest.

Maybe move to Skyrim and start up a battlemage. :wink:

Create a warrior and a shaman… then imagine they are one and the same character…

i believe a priest called “paladin” or something did just that…

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