What classes do you not play?

  1. Druid… don’t like anything about them. No matter what specialization
  2. Paladin… Dislike them due they are slow although Holy might be fun
  3. Warlocks… Wow, so boring in pve, destro is fun in pvp though

Palafind and DKs.

I find Paladins boring and will probably never play it again and all that holy freaking stuff is just no to me :p.

Other classes has at least something interesting, although I think DK is another class I won’t play any time soon. But I like its fantasy.

I don’t play a Warlock at the moment, play all the other classes to different degrees.

Saving the Warlock for Shadowlands levelling.

Don’t have a problem with any classes really, variety is the spice of life (but I do love me a good melee) :sunglasses:


I don’t play mages and shamans in almost any expansion, and even when I did make one, I haven’t played it for long. I used to really enjoy playing hunter before Legion, but not anymore lately. New survival really doesn’t appeal to me at all, nor does new marks, and I was never a BM fan. I also didn’t like DH and didn’t play one since it was brought in.

I don’t like Mages. They are not so solo friendly as some of the other classes like druids, hunters, rogues, paladins, etc, etc, etc. Don’t get me wrong they are great DPS in raids, dungeons or any sort of group but they do work better with a tank to distract the whatever is trying til kill them. I have never played a Shaman and would like too, but I don’t want to sit with another high level (100+) character in a class I don’t play.

  1. How many of you have high level (100+) characters with these classes that you don’t like?
  2. How many keep those high level characters around because of some faction rep or profession recipe/pattern that they have?
  3. How many would reuse those high level characters if you had some way in which to change their class to a class that you do enjoy?

I have a char of each class (at least ) but find mage,warrior and rogue just do nothing for me… these I play least.

I don’t play priests. I really hate how that class plays.

But realistically; I only play BM hunter and sometimes a little bit of Mistweaver monk.

I have plenty of alts, but as of BfA they’re all stuck at 110. I simply have no reason (and thus no desire) to play them.

I only play shaman and druid. Resto. There are many classes i’ve never really tried, like warrior, dk, dh, lock, rogue. My mage is stuck at 73 since wotlk, same for my hunter at 71. I’ve lvled a monk and a pally to 120, will probably never do anything with them.

Edit: oh and i have a priest locked at lvl 80 for herald of the titans thingy…

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While having all 120, and geared and tested and trialled in M10. I think warlocks, warriors and paladins are something I just do not work well with. Warlcoks because I suck in playing them and warriors and paladins because I have yet to experience something so ‘not my cup of tea’ level classes with all those specs. Least with warlocks I do like affliction, but with warrior and paladin I just do not see why would anyone play them.

DpS DH feels horribly boring too, but at least I have bothered to get him 430 gear somehow.

In comparison I do play death knights… yes, in plural. I like death knights, and hunters. hunters are fun too. Especially survival.

I play all of them, but least played is priest. Heal specs seem boring to me, shadow is just wl.

Monks - they don’t belong here.
Priests - i’m not a healer and don’t like SP.
Hunters - just boring.

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The first 2 I never even hit lv cap with them during and expansion.

For me it’s all about immersion and if you can stay in character, while playing.
He is after all part of the story.

Classes I can’t play:

  1. Classes that have dark ways.
  • Warlock - Tried to play a Forsaken Warlock male, as a evil character, who summons demons and cares nothing for life or justice.
    Got headaches and gave up.
    Forsaken are just hard to play.
    I have a Forsaken female priest, and I could never use cannibalize, on her.

  • Death Knight - Tried to play him as a fallen soldier, who seeks redemption for what he has done.
    Tried male, female blood Elf, Worgen male and Tauren male.
    Gave up.
    Their spells of death and decay just put me off.

  1. Classes that shapeshift in to animal form.
    Druids - Love their lore, hate the fact I have to be morphed in to a animal all the time.
    You can’t enjoy the looks of your character and animations.
    I admit they are very good for PVP.
    Leveled up a Tauren male Druid for warsong 20-29 and had the best game if my life.
    3 flag caps. Last time I did one flag caps in warsong, was on my male orc warrior back when cross servers were introduced.

Shamans - The highest I got was with a troll female character, around level 50s.
I might bring her back.
Tried a female Orc shaman, never got her past level one-two.

Classes I am only leveling because of their specialization.

Demon Hunter - Leveling a male blood Elf at the moment, because I already got too many Warglaives for him to unlock.

Rogue - They always feel like they can’t take as much punishment, as other classes like the Hunter or warrior.
I guess they are perfect for PVP.
Not my cup of tea.
I need someone to open those lockboxes, I might level one.
Male goblin perhaps.
But whenever I play one they feel like they belong to a more cartoonish world, far away from the drama that is Warcraft universe.


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In Legion, I levelled all classes to 110, honestly, through quests and dungeons, to do the Order Hall lines.

My three I do not want to play are

Priest. The general principle of a character that mixes healing and damage more or less equally appeals to me, so Priest in Classic is so much more natural, but Shadow in Retail is just a squishy splodge with exactly zero moments of fun when playing. I also really dislike the appearance of Shadowform.

Shaman. I just don’t get it. Any of it. Oddly, I actually had a blast dungeon spamming to level my Dwarf as Enhancement, swinging wildly and more or less at random, but I can’t relate to what I’m doing.

Monk. That Fists animation makes me feel like a Bugs Bunny character as WW, and there’s not a lot about Brewmaster I like either. Roll is cool; you can keep the rest.

Hunter should get a mention. I first levelled my Hunter in Mists, and felt it was quite a pleasant experience. But the leading edge of the amputations that we first felt in Warlords made me leave her in the shady comfort of the Halfhlll Inn for most of WoD, wistful for better days, and after the removal of Survival she was doomed to a life on the shelf.

The removal of Combat from Rogue and its grotesque replacement with a cheap meme did something the same for my Rogue, but the damahe isn’t quite as severe.

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I’m mostly a tank/melee player. But in all class that can’t play anymore in retail is warrior because of titan grip. It is ugly, and make Fury feeling slow, i hate it since the day i test it in woltk-prepatch.

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Wtf how is this possible, Heal is life D;

It is, its nice for us ADHD people

Also when cast interrupts tilt you its nice for a change

Ok you got me, I like Rdruid if i’m carrying the flags in bgs:x

Ah i see you are a man of culture aswell

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never took to rogue,