What classes do you not play?

I do not play:

Druids:Just can’t stand them,They are so boring.

Mage:They just do not give me the WOW feeling.

Hunter:Miss the old Survival and Beast Mastery spec.


Druid and shamans.

For druids, I really hate being morphed, if I wanted to play druid I’d probably play balance and resto, but so far I don’t wanna be a Tauren or Troll, hower the Zandalari are so good im considering leveling a zandalari druid… once I stop being lazy and actually unlock them.

As for shamans, I’m ashamed to say but… afaik Mail tmog sucks.

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ever since i ve played wow i had been a resto druid main. at one point i even played bm hunter a bit. in legion and bfa i played holy priest a tiny bit and while it can be fun its just not my thing long term. i ve played all healer classes at one point in expansions though.

however, i just cant seem to warm up to melee classes at all. if i try one i never really come far. the only melees i ve ever maxed were dk and warrior (and they re collecting dust now).

i like ranged classes better and always wanted to play a mage but i really dont like how the specs play right now.



Although my top 3 worst are :

3 . Mage - fun in open world encounters like PvP or just wq farming

2 . Dh overperforms with next to no efforts and gets boring real fast, only reason its on 2 is bcuz it has a tank specc

1 . Rogue … i just never liked energy classes and if i wanted fun dot class warlock is right up my alley with better utillities ( atleast for raid )


Dk and Warrior. I dislike melee races but these 2 I really can’t get into. I suck at playing them and keep dying when trying to do emissary on them also :rofl:


Rogue- you just hit your head to the keyboard and your dps is fine and you can kill anyone in Pvp.

Dk- same as rogue.

And lastly…


These are the classes I hate the most and cannot stand.


priest. im bad at playin them
rogue: see above

these are the 2 only classes i boosted.

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Tried this, game minimized and I paused youtube music. Hmmmm, am I doing something wrong?


Druid, I can’t stand druids. I tried to level up one but ugh, all those flowery spells and the shapeshifting thingy is really not for me.

Holy priest, I don’t know why but I can’t take this spec seriously (I’m sorry for all Holy priest mains), although I really like the Apotheosis form.

Shaman, it’s not that I don’t like them… it’s that I’ve never tried them.

Clases I hate to play.

  1. Shaman.
  2. Shaman.
  3. Shaman.

Every class I play.

But some of the spec is my least fav.
Disc priest
Survival hunter
Sub Rouge
Holy pala
Vengeance dh
Warlocks - current affiction

All types of healers: It’s just I find most of them to be boring, specifically rsham and holydin. Also always prefered dps or tanking over healing.

WW monk: I’m not into the whole punching my enemy to death, while having swords sheathed to my back never to be used.

Mage: I find it too boring.

Anything melee. I don’t know what it is, but I really just don’t get how to play them and feel like I’m just button-bashing all the time. Plus I’m uncoordinated and hate moving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: let me just stand still and cast, please!

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Love druids and their lore but could never really get into playing one. Same goes for monk, mage and shaman. Then theres warlock and hunter because I don’t like pets or their AI in WoW. Having a follower in Nazjatar already frustrates me.

The rest I’ve dabbled in every now and again.

Shamans, I just don’t click with them. Don’t know why and I will never know. Also, rogue. Every expansion, I level my rogue till 88/98/108/118… but get bored of it before I reach max level, each and every time.

have 50 120s now and only have 1 rogue and 1 hunter … absolutely hate the gameplay and hate their overpowered nature. Have em purely for completionism.

You have to make sure you hit it very hard, I like to stand up when doing it, to make sure I give my keyboard a full head butt :boom:


But… but… but!!! :smile:
(lost my legion artifact transmog apparently :thinking: )

Priest, warlock, mage, warrior, DH, hunter and paladin.

I hate cloth classes and casters and hunter/warrior have an extremely bland and boring class fantasy. DH can only be elves which puts me off from playing it and I don’t like the gameplay of Paladin.

Warrior is something I never play. Incredibly boring to me, although I did grit my teeth and played one recently for the first time. I made it to lvl 20 and just couldn’t make myself play the thing any more.

I have a Paladin, Shaman and Rogue that have been around lvl 60 to 70 for the last decade and I can’t be bothered with them either.