What counts as "Time Limited License"?

In this post Restriction on Purchase of WoW Token – November 2023 it says:

I’m wondering do game time cards count? Do balance gift cards count?
I live in a country where online payment methods are very limited and expensive and i’ve not used any with my account before so this news of token purchase limitations are worrying me, As I’ve been obtaining for my game time with a combination of pre-paid gift cards, game time cards and wow token purchases.

If it’s as bad as i think it is this might be the end of my journey with WoW… :face_holding_back_tears:

Basically if you have paid for a month in any way with cash or card since 2017.

I cannot find a list of things that count anywhere.

Hey Kellarw,

Game time granted via game cards, and game time purchased via balance cards should work. :slight_smile:

“Time Limited License” is basically prepaid game time, be it from online purchases or physical cards (as opposed to a subscription, which is a recurring game time).

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Hello i have similar question with pre-paid gift cards iam planning to buy the 20 Euro gift card in the shop but i still have some Bnet balance converted from tokens. The question is how the system take the payment?I hope it not take the remaining 0,9 Euro as the token converted money… Thanks for answer

Hello do Gift 60 days game time counts on friends account?( he can buy token for gold after this?

The question is answered above.

You should read the thread before posting.

So the sub I just purchased through the Battle.net store does not count? I still get the “internal error” in the auction hause. :frowning:

Sometimes it can take a day or two for certain restrictions to be lifted