What did you do with uh dk

Why have i gone from being a high burst damage class to doing next to no damage in arena since this pre patch explain?

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Because we are death Knights and we have been fracked with again. Don’t worry, frost is in the same boat with yeah.

yeah its just atm in prepatch… with the other 10 talents that we get in leveling will be ok. frost hits like a truck also atm tho… just that u cant play 2 handet.

This is about UH. I know Frost hits like a truck. The topic is that UH is crap.

I disagree strongly

arena is way harder rn because every game is against lock, dh or monk and they are overtuned but in general i would say uhdk is alright rn. also depends on what build u play. i checked ur talents (not sure obv if u use those for pvp) and ur build is kinda bad for arena. for burst u want a pet build with unholy aura. also commander of the dead is very good for burst but then u dont have 45 sek apok at lvl 60.
also u can run a dot build (without unholy aura) which has respectable burst and good sustain. i run such a build for preptach.
the potential of uhdk will show when having all talents. we will have to wait and see how good it is compared to other dps.

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Ghoulish frenzy left side and all pet build is right side. And morbidity is right and all dot build is left… Personal i also add this i think it doesn’t feel correct.

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