What do I need to do to get the Death Knight class mount quest line?

What do I need to do to get the Death Knight class mount quest line?

I been trying to look it up but I am still pretty new to the game so I am guessing not that many people have the problem with it as I do.

You need these things…

  1. Completed whole legion class hall questline (all of it, including table missions)

  2. Having Whistle by completing Uniting the Isles quest from Khadgar in Violet Citadel (need level 110 and all broken isles reputations on friendly at least.)

  3. Finished broken shore campaign, you can start it after you hit level 110 and have no.2 completed, questgiver is Khadgar who stands in Krasus Landing in Legion Dalaran. (You can track your progress on broken shore simply by checking steps in achievment called Breaching the Tomb") you can simply click Y, click magnifying glass and type it’s name to show.

When you finish all of class hall quests, and you will complete Breaching the tomb achievment, then on the broken shore quest hub you will have 1 more quest which will lead to class hall mount.

I hope it’s clear what i said here :stuck_out_tongue: if not, ask.

AD. 3 raid is not necessary to do the achievment, don’t bother looking for group.

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seems simple enough to understand, thanks a lot ^.^

Also, don’t let the slog dishearten you. Once you have the rep and flying, opening up the other class mounts is easy compared to the first time, which will be a real chore.

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