What do (male) dwarves exclaim when they /cheer?

I 've been wondering this for a long time.

Sounds like “Froyet!”

Is this just some gibberish or does it have an actual meaning - if so, is it Scottish?

The voicelines says:
not sure what Froyet may be

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Alright, I watched a video to check…

…and it actually sounds like “broyet”.

I guess that’s the Scottish way to say “brilliant”?

Wow, a mystery solved.

Thank you!


Mhm! it’s the dwarven accent. i believe it may be scottish as well. my wow knowledge is Very much out of date sadly.

Yes, to my knowledge dwarves in WoW talk with a thick Scottish accent.

Aye it is, he is saying “brilliant”

Source - am Scotlander

P.S. The Dwarves are supposed to be Scottish, but their voice acting wasn’t done by a native speaker and is sometimes a little off :stuck_out_tongue:

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