What do you want?

Honestly Alliance, do you want honor or do you want to ruin other peoples gameplay? I tried 5 times to get to gadgetzan today to deliver quests, all 5 times I have been killed when landing from the flight master. Everytime it was someone with skull level to me (so no honor for you). Also, there was this aweomse night elf hunter that knows how to attack in gadgetzan without aggroing the guards. Candanza something. You deserve the medal of dishonor, honestly. I sure do hope you have had good fun doing stuff like that.

What is that about? Do you really want to see me go leave this realm?

Pick on your own size please, if you dare.

Crap shyte

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Wrong toon, consider above words to be spoken by me

I’m pretty sure anyone that camps in Gadgetzan/BRM/any leveling area is a bad person in real life.
Also you are level 48 so they do get honor from you, at least that’s what I have been told and from my own experience.

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10+ levels above you looks like level skull but you get honor from people 12 levels below you.

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Ah, so there is some incentive to kill me at level 60. Good to know.
I will add them to my kos list with a pussy remark.

Talking about you Candansa from guild sirkus (or something like that)

Believe it or not , those ganks also happen on the Alliance side today i had to fight of some hunter and rogue lvl 24 at the redridge mountains with a friend just so I could level, those guys wouldn’t leave me alone and also tried to camp me. it’s not a 1 sided issue it happens on both sides. There also was some Skull lvl Shaman in between

I am not talking about ganking, I am talking about one-shotting people in gadgetzan. This hunter was using safespots so the bruisers did not kill him.
He was targeting mostly low level people.

I know what leveling can be on a pvp realm and I accept that. I can even accept being corpse camped from time to time. Friends can be called in and the situation can be dealt with.

This guy however was just spoiling stuff for other people. I even got a /wave when I used the flight path out of Tanaris.

Killing people that dont provide any honor is not a nice thing (except they interfere with your fights). It’s just a really toxic behaviour, even for a PvP realm.

Report him for bug abuse. Blizzard already stated that this will be punished.


If I gank a horde 10 levels higher than me I wonder if they will complain on the forums aswell?

That sucks buddy, but know that horde are doing it too. I’ve seen plenty of undead mages abusing the safe spot in both gadgetzan and everlook. Just report them and move on

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Do you bring any benefit to the horde? really? make team and go and kill their guys from -10 levels. if you think something will change in the 60th? - you’re wrong. You will remain the same as you were - a crying piece of meat.


The hunter is not abusing anything, she kills someone then uses feign death.

All horde must die

please leave, now is the moment, thx!

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