What does SP bring to a group?(DF thoughts)

Could we possibly have Vampiric Embrace(with smart-healing) back as a shadow cooldown? Im pretty sure it’s the one thing shadow had access to as sort of a group cooldown, and while I don’t necessarily mind it in the class tree, it does take away from what shadow brings to a group. :sweat_smile: I was thinking to take it’s place could be the MoP talent, Vampiric Dominance:

Vampiric Dominance

  • When you deal damage or healing, 15% of the amount is healed to up to 3 low-health nearby allies. (This is MoP version, numbers can be tuned.)

Since it also spreads healing, holy and disc would benefit from this as well, without having to go out of their way to do damage.


I’ve been thinking that it could be good as a raid wide leech buff, potentially even a bit of avoidance and speed

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It at least has the potential to be spriests thing, not much else shadow has going that could become a group utility effect. :grin:

I think it could be good, because 1. more self healing 2. a bit less aoe damage taken 3. slightly faster movement 4. healers needs fewer mb’s 5. healers could contribute a bit more to dps, but I’m not saying that it should be that strong, but if it could smooth things out and potentially negate a possible death, taking a tiny bit off the healers stress

But it kinda makes sense, we’re embracing our allies with vampiric powers, and vampires are generally considered to be fast so avoidance and speed makes sense as well

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Evoker has this exact thing in the class tree, called Zephyr, at the bottom. So it’s not like this isn’t in the game already, in terms of creating it.

In terms of healing, it’d make sense, since blizzard trying to make shadow more priesty, but doing it the shadow way.

I’m thinking of it like a permanent buff for ~10% leech ~5% avoidance and speed

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I’d love if Embrace was brought back as permanent buff like we used to have, I forget when, but when it was a x% permanent leech buff(but modernized of course). If it was permanent, we could probably not have Vampiric Dominance in the class tree, though. Vampirism doesn’t fit holy and disc anyway. :sweat_smile: (But I still feel like Vampiric Dominance would fit neatly, to replace Embrace in the class tree)

A buff of leech can be very powerful. If enough of some other source of leech is found, it could be game breaking.

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Yeah, back in WotLK, it used to heal us for 15%, and our group for 3% of our single-target damage, lasting a long time.

  • Vampiric Embrace
    Fills you with the embrace of Shadow energy, causing you to be healed for 15% and other party members to be healed for 3% of any single-target Shadow spell damage you deal for 30min.

Since Spriest have taken on a vampiric theme since the introduction of the san’layn, I kind of liked our ability to sustain through damage, which is also why I mentioned the old talent in my initial post; Vampiric Dominance, which I feel would fit better for the other priest specs. It’d allow the others to tap into it if they want, but shadow itself would retain the cooldown.

But yes, any spreading leech buffs would have to be small. :smiling_face:

The numbers I put down for it was just to give a better visual of what I meant. But making the leech buff small will mean it’s unimpactful and thus worthless, so it would have to be 5-10% if we’re to be picked over a rogue’s Shroud or even a shamans aoe stun

Priest bring stam buff, PI, mind control, mass dispel and vampiric embrace.
All of which is unique to priest.
It also gets a 5 target root and a pseudo lay on hands on a potential 10sec cd now.
I think that is good enough, if SPriest dmg isnt garbage level it will find its place.

I see 2/5 there that’s actually worth anything PI and mass dispel. And those won’t enough for us to get picked for anything really when 1. healers brings them as well and can live without them 2. We already have them and are still not picked, and I’m gonna refer back to point 1

I hope you’re not talking about Shadow Mend, because when we subtract the damage from the heal it’s actually weaker than flash heal, and only slightly stronger with the talent. but ofc it might be the tooltip that haven’t been updated to the actual values

The spell is called Power Word: Life its a capstone talent in the df priest class tree.
But I agree with you: PI alone is enough for SPriest to find its place.

We have to go through 3 dead talents for shadow to even get there, so I doubt that anyone will

I dont think it’s something many think of as our utility we bring to the table, if they even think of it at all. It usually just results in massive overhealing unless used during Lords/Halondrus style high raid damage.

So I think it could certainly be reformatted into something more useful.

If it was weak but constant I’d avoid the spike overhealing but increase my survivability.

If strong but short duration, if overhealing made absorbs it could be huge enough to be worth nerfing.

Feel free to add little black tentacles on anyone affected

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