What faction is more active in this little RP community?

Hi. I have a few characters on AD from years back but I’ve heard that this little cluster of realms has a nice RP vibe going on and I was wondering what faction it’s mainly on and if you’re all still here… Or have you migrated to AD?

It’s nice that AD is active, I just liked the idea that there might be a more or… less ego scene here?


There does appear to be a greater number of Horde RP guilds active, however, there is some activity Alliance side, as well. Red wins on this cluster for sure, though.

All RP on the server is guild based. There are quite a few active guilds on the server, with most of them horde side. If you check out this forum, you will see the guild recruitment thread.

Indeed. The server offers a good low-drama climate, with some very good communities on offer. But while I believe the Alliance has more players, the Horde has fared better where it comes to sustaining an active group of roleplay guilds.

Is there any preference on what server? I know these three are shared but I wondered if people had gravitated towards one over the others. To cut down on the realm suffix from emotes and such.

I’m not sure if there’s a way to check for us normie mortals who don’t work at Blizzard,

but my impression is that there are more Moonglade characters than the other two -

possibly because it’s the easiest name?

(No spaces, no apostrophes…)

Hah, I migrated here from AD specifically to avoid the ridiculous atmosphere of that realm. Joined the Hand of the Titans, and it was easily the best decision I’ve ever made in this game. You will not find random walk-up RP or AD-style server campaigns here, but the general vibe is completely different.

Anyway, I play on both factions, and at the moment can say that the Horde is where like 90% of overall RP activity happens. It used to be different, with Horde RP being very guild-centric and the Alliance consistently running open RP events (both Alliance-centric and neutral) that everyone could join on a weekly and monthly basis, but Sha’glade Cartel was hit very hard by the deadly combo of Blizzard’s IRL scandals combined with crap expansions like BFA and Shadowlands. While the strong guild-centric focus on the Horde helped it survive, the more loose and decentralized Alliance side got decimated.

Right now I think the only active RP on Alliance-side comes from Night Gryphon, although Gordon was looking into resurrecting some of the Alliance events. Dragonflight is amazing and I hope that eventually the Alliance side will see some more movement… For now, however, the Horde is the way to go if you want to join a strong established community rather than work on setting everything up yourself.


Thanks. That’s encouraging to here as I love to play Tauren.

I’ve been checking out WrA since Boxing Day, when I randomly started an account over there on a whim to check out the Horde RP scene, which I wasn’t finding on AD… Not like it is on WrA.

I reserved three identical names across the group so I could roll here one day and set up the three class I discovered that I enjoy most since returning to WoW.

Thanks for the replies.


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