What happened to Horde Supremacy?


I just logged in and i noticed that im not in a guild anymore. Why i got kicked? What happened to Horde Supremacy guild?

Oh seems that the guild leader Howzer dismantled the guild for some reason. :frowning: Sigh. :frowning:


Howzer quit wow and deleted the guild without telling anyone. Sucks for people who might of wanted to add others in the guild before it disbanded.


omg! such a crappy thing to do. Sigh. What an idiot he was.


serves you right for joining a guild lead by an immature butt hat, anyway if it was a good guild then there should be enough of a community there to start over through friends lists. call it Horde supremacy mk2 or something and blaze a path to glory with a guild leader with better developed mental fortitude.