What happened to my keyboard? 9.2 broke it

Suddenly wow doesnt regonize swedish keys anymore. This is just an ingame issue, not in any other program. Anyone else met this and knows how to fix it?


Not having any keyboard issues at all. Sorry. :frowning:



Finally they are starting to realise Swedish people are a bane on WoW.

First they came for your keys. Soon your subs. Then WoW will be great again.

Apologies to my Swedish friends (granted, getting fewer every second I type this post) but your sacrifice is for the better good.


It’s your punishment for inflicting an abba revival on us.


Tilde key not working with patch 9.2 for me

See the thread in Customer Support - you need to report it as a bug and see if the temporary work round there fixes it for you all (it does for some, not others).

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With righteous anger!

Have you tried ALT+SHIFT (let’s you switch between layouts) in case the bug sets it to the wrong layout in game? Long reach, but maybe it works?

I’m partially getting this. I can still use æ, ø and å, like a civilized literate person with a superior alphabet, but some of the symbols do not do what they should and thus mess up keybindings. The game now thinks [ should be on the | key for instance, which is annoying since I use | for mount.

Same here, a lot of bugs this patch.

Its a bug from the update

RE-keybinding the buttons seemed to fix this for me

Same with Icelandic keys.

These from a blue (it turns green when I post it) in the Tech forum yesterday:

Thank you for the help!

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