What happened to Outland?

Every time before a new expansion comes out the number of players decrease. And many play their twinks. Thats normal.
But since a couple of weeks it seems that the capital cities are complete empty, the level zones and also the queue for the twink battlegrounds. /who shows me only roughly over 50 players in the 60 level range.

Have some guilds left the server before the expansion will be released or what happened this year? Outland is my favorite server. I hope it has not changed to a low population server.

Well Outland is far away from a low population server, but its no longer the most populat. Its still one of the bigger servers if you want to play Alliance, but I can also say that I dont see as many people as I used to. There are still many people on this server, but I notticed that its not as alive as it used to be. I dont know why nor how it happened. I guess as its one of the older servers, people that used to play stopped playing, but not so many new players choose outland as their main server.

The community died

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