What happened to pvp guilds?

First sorry for my incorrect english sometimes.
I would like to know what happenned to PvP guilds ? Looking for a PvP guilde now is a pain , my research is maybe not good ?
How would you guy’s find one ? I sometimes see RBG guilds when playing RBG but rarely.

We don’t know but we can guess. It’s’ true there used to be a lot more than there are these days. One reason is that rated battlegrounds are not enticing enough when you can just do arena. You don’t get an advantage with arena for doing it in a pvp guild compared to a organised rated battleground. Pugging a RBG vs a guild RBG, the latter would win. Not so true for arena.

You might have better luck if you look for PvP communities instead of guilds.
I’m not sure how communities work but last time I was looking for a guild I couldn’t find many but there were a lot of PvP communities with over 1K members. And this was on alliance side so there must be way more on horde.

They died on my previous server too but on my new one there are a bunch of good ones. I’m in one atm. So it depends… communities are a solution too if the pvp is dead where you are. Also discord circles.

cross realm pvp happened, theres no reason to have a PvP guild when you can simply join a PvE guild and use the cross realm communities or LFG tool to find PvP groups now.

I’m not looking for PvE players , i’m more looking like experienced PvP players

okay well, you asked what happened to them, I answered.

if you want a PvP guild, I suggest you forget about it and just go through the LFG tool and then make sure you add people you enjoy playing with and build up a friends list, that really is the only way if you don’t have some old friends or PvE guildies who are interested.

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I’ll probbly way on community

I recommend this too.

Not so sure about the “pve guildies” though, I literally can’t stand pve guild, all they care about are keys etc, the convo is boring and off topic for a pvper. So finding a pvp guild is still worth it imo or at least some that doesn’t really have a label/is social just for guild perks.


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