What happened to the Disc?

At iLvl 164 i cant muster more than 600-700dps, If i am lucky. Doing solo quests is tedious at best, impossible at some rate, especially if i get some adds. Sure I survive most of the time but really. My Paladin tank did 2-3 times that dps at the same iLvlv and he has better survivability. My main purpose of this alt is ofcause to be healer in dungeons and such, but to lvl up my Covenant and raising my iLvlv demands I do solo quests as well, but now I dont know If I should bother. Do I do something wrong?

Disc damage has been nerfed heavily throughout expansions, which covenant are you using? I find mindgames to be pretty vital for damage on disc at the moment.

I’d say for solo content you’re probably better off playing shadow right now.

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I play Ventyr so I have Mindgames. When I use that togeather with Power Infusion my dps goes up, but doing overworld Content, I cant use that for every fight due to the cooldown.

If not taking healing into consideration, holy does more damage than disc could ever even dream of doing. So questing and stuff is actually easier as holy. Disc just has the ability to heal through damage.

Disc damage is reduced to balance Venthyr spirit shells…

It is nothing to do with covenants.

It is just the poor way blizzard has tried to add healer “balance”.

If discs damage was on the lines of what holy has while playing their role as a healer well in a raid their damage would be ludicrously ahead of other healers in the group while providing competitive healing.

For 5 man content they would have less of a downside as they would end up providing more damage in a run overall than other healer specs.

Their lower damage sucks for solo content but in grouped content they are fine. Their issue is that blizzard has designed the spec in a way that they don’t know how to balance it.

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For me there is one solution to this, to make the damage viable in soloplay.
Just buff Sins of the Many while solo and raise the penalty for each attonement. This would raise our solo dps but shouldnt affect grouping if balanced correctly.

Buffing solo play to be in line with other healers i agree, but I would want avoid anything that buffs grouped too much or at all.

If they tried to use a talent especially sins it might not work out well. As maybe some players don’t want to use sins or are not high enough level to access it.

I think SotM should be baseline and not a talent.
And the bonus more like 60% while solo and -20% for each atonement beyond your own. That would mean 60% damagebuff while solo. 40% while teaming up with one, 20% while teaming up with two and 0% with 4 or more teamed up with. I dont think that would be overpowered. Either you do decent but not extreme dps while solo.

Think they nerfed Smite damage by like 50% through the last 3 expansions lol. They just don’t like people going Godmode with them in mythic raid progression.

Just go shadow, do not suffer…
Oh yeah, fun fact. Holy’s smite does more dmg than disc’s smite. Silly

I am doing more damage as holy… Holy fire is awesome. Also not sure what is going on with disc

The reason is healer balance. But it definitely doesn’t help solo play or really fit the spec fantasy.

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