What happens after the 12 months are over? (Season of Mastery cycle)

What happens after the 12 months are over? (Season of Mastery cycle)

The above question is the one that I really long to get an answer to. I guess I belong to the oldschool kind of player, who are looking forward to slow down and enjoy the road ahead. But this 'Season of Mastery" leads me to believe, that this Fresh Classic realm will function like seasons in other games, like Diablo etc. - where your progress, after the season is over, will be deleted.

A scenario that means I will not be playing then. What I really would love is a Fresh Classic server, that will stay Classic, forever. I know we have the deserted Classic servers already, but revitalizing those is impossible - and they only became like this, because the TBC era was ‘forced upon them.’

If these new Fresh Classic realms stay forever, I cannot wait. :heartbeat:

If the progress I make throughout the 12 months is deleted - then the appeal is very low for me though. None existing, truthfully.

But I am positive that many of you do not mind this? As seasons in other games are popular?

I guess I just do not quite ‘get’ the appeal, that all the hours spent on something ends up being deleted.

Thank you for any insight and sharing of your thoughts, and may you enjoy whatever variety we will get :slight_smile:


they need to answer this asap. I have 2 x lvl 60 (1 tank 1 fury dps) warriors on Classic Era servers doing nothing. I spent months years levelling and gearing these and PAYING for it too and then they have been totally forgotten as blizzard has done nothing on classic realms. Why they made TBC and will do same with wotlk when forcing it onto players is beyond me.

If the characters are getting deleted after 12 months there is no appeal to play this at all. If i want the levelling experience i can just log onto classic now and do it. I dont need to do it fresh again with season of mastery especially if its a waste of time.

Im not sure if people realise regarding legendary items like Thunderfury can take A LONG time to get and its great to have this cherished item and show off with it to new players that might come along in years to come (as older players leave) its an achievement. Why would i want to do this again and again and again… there are far too many other games to experience to keep having to do this instead.

What i was hoping was once fully geared in classic era I could then go around helping new players in dungeons showing them raids. As it is… in classic era… NOTHING is being shown as i can not even get thunderfury now as the server is that dead there are no raids no consumables… nothing.


It won’t just be ‘unpopular’ it will fail catastrophically.

Private servers like Warmane operate with a very successful seasonal model because of the 7x exp rates and characters are transferred to the main realm upon the completion of a season.

Even if they reduce the exp required to TBC levels, it’s an incredibly niche, small group of people that want a 1x seasonal Classic realm. If progress is not retained either then the whole project is doomed from the start.

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Do you know what a “video game” is? People will play what they want, when they want and how they want. After last Classic phase there was nothing new aside of TBC and it’s obvious people will play new instead of staying and doing pointless Naxx runs. And people WANT WoTLK - either those that will join only for WoTLK or those that are progressing TBC now. Some will stay on TBC but very little.

And on private server people left their Naxx fully geared toons to just level FRESH on new realm - over and over again. If you expected “endless vanilla” or some “magical MMORPG” then you did your research very poorly.

Nobody cares by now, often having multiple TF in guild, multiple scarab lords and so on.

New players don’t come to dead realms, they come for fresh. And they will spellcleave to 60 and start farming MC before you even notice.

You don’t have to, but other made the choice to do so. Some play FRESH while some other play Solitaire.

It’s 2021, you won’t be showing the raids. Sorry but players will optimize the fun out of any game and Classic in 2021 is completely different game than 18 years ago. People know what they will do day 200 before they even start playing.


I´m so sorry, did I miss the answer to this question? I just noticed it will launch really soon. But couldn´t find any confirmation on what will happen to our characters then.


Blizzard hasn’t said much on the topic at all. This is the only thing they have said as far as I know:


perhaps they will send em to original wow but its fun fact. from 1 side u will have dead realm with chars that wanted 4 months ranking in pvp, and all of a sudden realm will be flooded with pvp chars with rank 14 that took 1 month and a half, or mb less. Im not saying that shortening ranking is bad, but is bad have characters/ppl that ranked with different way on the same realm. I belive the only way will persist is moving on to SoM tbc or somethin. Or give em a vanity item. Or make a #SoMchanges realm perma-stuck to p6. Yet all those r meaningless stuff, what we all want is the classic like it released at 19, with the only acception of active realm supervisors just for bot banning, if they could even hire a gamemaster for 4-hours 2-times a week, there would be no bots around. In those 8 hours per week he could simply catch all the bots around during action and ban them. Yet again even if they find a way to keep characters at SoM, what u signing up for now it might not be what u have signed up for 1 year after or when p6 conclude, coz #somechanges will strike back again, or ppl will complain coz some of those changes they asked for they didnt rly like, and lets be honnest blizzard dont give changes, its just abuses silly ppl mindsets to nerf the game into retail, and tell to ppl that listens to them and do changes, and ppl just “clap” without even knowing what they have ask for and what they r getting… and worst part? those ppl have nothin to do with classic wow community, just random streams who would show any game content just to stream, without even carring of what they play they would even stream a wall, if it bring viewers, or frm other mmos or retail that might get a quick stop to SoM and lvling till 20 to catch the feeling of what is goin around.

You get to do it all over again …

You get to pay a transfer / clone fee to keep your character on the Era servers?

This cant happen man… totally i cant imagine this char above^ wich took me 5 months to get r13, be in the same realm with a random guy who got rank 14 in 1 month+. Im not saying that ranking faster is bad. But u cant have in a same realm ppl of 2 different ranking systems.

I think som is bad idea
Because we already have classic (and he is dead) we have bc where you can find some people

One more server with little difference die faster than bc
Bc now is best choice to play, even in classic (like I’m)

Wall of text crits you for 10k.

Im hardcaped! kek

In Diablo and I suppose in other games your characters or progress is not deleted, but they are moved to non season or in diablo’s case the characters, just become non-ladder characters. I think PoE work’s this way also, your league characters goes to non-league when the new league starts and you have the choice to continue playing on the character in non-league or start a new character in the new league.

Maybe some people feel like the characters are deleted because most want to go play the new ladder, league or season, but everyone still has the choice to do what they like.

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Come to the PVE era cluster. There is full activity there.

Your character will be sent to an era server to retire in peace, then you will be able to play another game called “World of Contemplation”

Nothing special. U just give Boby Kotik ez 15 euro sub agan for nothing :point_right:

Blizzard have now decided that they will offer free transfers to the dead ERA servers at the end of the season:

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Free transfer to Era server

Looking Forward

Finally, many Classic players have asked what will happen at the end of the Season of Mastery, and here’s the answer. When Season of Mastery concludes, you’ll have the option to permanently transfer your character to an existing Classic Era realm in your region. This free service will become available for a limited time at the conclusion of the season.
While we don’t yet know the exact destination realm and specific dates, you’ll have plenty of time to move your character to a safe home before all Season of Mastery realms are permanently closed.

Thank you so much for all of your comments, reports, and feedback. We’ve had a blast with Beta testers these past few weeks and we’re excited to join you in the Season of Mastery on November 16!

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Thank you so much for the answers :grinning: