What healer do you enjoy playing the most?


As topic says, which healer do you enjoy the most and most fun on playing in m+?

I’ve tanked and done damage since start of DF but not heal.


Most fun top to botton:

holy priest
big gap

disc and evoker doesn’t work great with bad groups.
hpal feels like it doesn’t heal at all and also dmg is terrible

rduid is busy work all the others are quite chill

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Holy priest. I also love mistweaver but holy is definitely my biggest love. Nice, simple and straight to the point

I’m gearing my MW now, and with only 444ilvl (str/agi trinkets still lol) I still do decent healing in raid, I do enjoy it. Haven’t dared tried it yet in m+ though.

Is it fistweaving or whatever it calls in m+?

Pretty much. Fistweaving is pretty much your maintenance healing. You then supplement that for big bursts of damage with actual casts.

basically the better the people you play with are, the more you are fistweaving.
in some tyrannical fights you are healing more than fist weaving because especially in ST fw is not all that much healing. but on boss fights, the higher you go it is more about cd management then raw healing

All right thanks for the answers. I just got double int trinkets for my MW and going to try it out in lower m+ :slight_smile:

RShaman. It has a ton of carry potential.

It has its disadvantages, and it needs a rework. But truth be told: You can carry a ton of dungeons.

RShaman, Disc and Prevoker.

I’ve always have been very fond rshaman to be honest, I like the way they heal.
Haven’t really healed outside of BGs so gonna give it a try in lfr first, thanks!

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