What healer for a vet that wants to finally give healing a go?

I’m eager to give healing a go as i return to the game, as It’s not something I’ve committed to in the past, outside of leveling dungeon spam.

I’d prefer a class that has a relatively simple/not too APM intensive Dps OR Tank spec (Doesn’t have to have both), for the times when I don’t want to heal.
The only class I’m not interested in is Druid, as while i have no qualms with restoration, I don’t enjoy the other 3 specs.

I know Restoration Shaman and Holy Priest are seen as the ‘beginner’ healers, but I just wanted to get some more information from more veteran healer players before I make a decision.

I don’t heal, and I’m sure you know as much about this as I do. You have some chance of getting other responses here, but not a great chance of getting a very informed response.

I would suggest

  1. Checking out YouTube guides to get some ideas,
  2. Joining the Discords of the healing classes (list here, a bit down https://www.wowhead.com/discord-servers )
  3. For more detail, maybe look up healers on Twitch, though that may be more time-consuming than you want to endure.

I don’t think Shadow Priest meets your criteria for off-spec, so Priest loses a strong recommend.

Devastation Evoker meets the low APM off-spec requirements, but Preservation’s range limitations might not be something you want to start with.

Paladin off-specs are highly recommended, but I don’t know enough about Holy Paladin to advise re its accessibility.

Shaman, as you have already identified, probably ticks a number of boxes (if you are okay with the class fantasy and the mail mogs).

Edit: I’d recommend just playing with a few and see how you feel. I’d personally ignore the balance/meta considerations from the YT/Discord/Twitch community because: (a) healers of all flavours are welcome; (b) balance will change by the time you get up to speed; and (c) your preference for each class’s unique play style is more likely be the game-breaker.

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