What i don't understand in todays pvp is

1.Mobility is very high and some classes are moving in stealth as in normal speed

2.Plate classes can’t take hits from Leather classes and leather classes are more tankier than ever.

  1. Game is all about cd’s but there are insane amount of micro cc, this comes from covenants.

  2. Game ground is cluttered with pets and minions, you have to disable these frames from Interface.

  3. Healing reduces are a thing, every class have healing reduce effect that makes this even more tedious.

  4. Classes with more than 4-6 second stun has a clear advantage using Gladiator’s Resonator.

  5. Boon of the Ascended is a very strong 3 minute cooldown . The damage from the two abilities you gain when using this ability will be transferred into atonement which makes it amazingly strong if you radiance before, and then refresh the atonement duration between the Ascended Blast later with another radiance. This is nothing more than slap into the face to any other class in the game. Think about if you use ascendance and it’s cooldown gets reduced during a game by using your totems. Mindless add to the pvp.


*Faster than normal speed

They can if the DMG is physical, but you still have to respect CDs. Sub rogue for example deals mostly magical. Same with dh.

Not true at all. Only druids in bear form are tanky and outlols because they get permanent passive battlemaster and very quick feint reset with PvP talents. Others die in thee crits without evasion.

One has nothing to do with the other?

Yes this is annoying. You need a change in settings, targeting binds and macros.

With how broken healing in PvP currently is, without ms effect games would go into 100% dampening since nothing ever dies. Unless you can cc healer and burst someone in 3 seconds.

So use a different trinket then? Classes with %hp shields and buffs benefit from battlemaster, so battlemaster is the issue too?


Not really no.

A bit more than a third of Eviscerate (before armor mitigation on the other “a bit less than two thirds”) is magical.

Shadowblades deals no damage, ER deals no damage (anymore), and every single other ability is physical.


I think stealth speed should be back to slower than normal, was it like 60%? Its only logical.

Uh yea, this is such bs.

Mortal strike effects are not fair at all. It should be like you do less dmg, but have ms effect or you do less dmg, but have a lot of cc. Now its like certain classes have everything and others are garbage in default. A solution would be to just remove ms effect and balance healing for one scenario, no ms. Its hard to balance it around both, some classes having it and some not.

Ignoring resonator, classes should not have such long stuns. Id like to have some cc removed from the game or share more DRs. Ppl die within 2 seconds and we have so much cc that even overlapping dk blanket stuns are enoug hto 100-0 someone. Why? I shouldnt get kidney, sap out of it, blind, kidney, sap again. Sure, my team mates could stop it, if they werent average lfg stupid apes, but like cmon, thats just one class and we face 2-3 of them…

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I see. Well still considering this plus find weakness there is a significant amount of damage that doesn’t care about Armor

prowl on feral is like 30% movement speed penalty

but also he had 30% more speed in cat form. so i guess its 70% from 130%.

rogue idk but think it was also 30% penalty

Movement speed for Sub in stealth doesn’t matter as he has 2x 40 yd. Shadowstep so he can open from a caster range and then go back to his Mage easily.

I need to learn that power.

Have you ever heard about hyperbole? I doubt.


You are right and it can be even more maybe with the conduit I think, like the outlaw one I can grapple to like 50yards xD.

Also when you shadow step you got a sprint which makes sub untouchable with mage.

32% of 25 isn’t 15 yards though. It was hyperbole but yeah it’s quite a long range. 33 to be exact.

Ye idk the exact range but it’s a part of what makes rmx pretty insane.

Nelf stealth classes also have 5% speed while stealthed and sub also 20% from talent

Modern rogues move pretty fast stealthed

Also dont remember were it in legion or bfa when you could spam sprint in stealth indefinitely and move faster than ppl on mounts I remember that were funny catching people from stealth on mounts :joy:


The thing that always confuses me is how it feels like it takes 3 years for me to drop combat to drink but a rogue seems to be able to sap me if I don’t instantly do something coming out of a 7sec cc.


Getting Sapped literally as you enter combat is a good meme, also.

time is relative :slight_smile:

Not every spell instantly puts you in combat. Almost every rogue will have a combat tracker too.
Also 7s is easily sappable which is why it shouldnt exist and also why orc is so good


Ah so the closer you get to the rogue his 7 second stun is actually 7 years to an observer standing further away.

Then you disappear.

Rogues are black holes confirmed.

that sounds about right.
i also wear my tinfoil head as well but didnt help against 7 years kidney shot

I also love when people say “but Rogue is squishy”. Yeah, sure…