What if melee stuns worked like Hunter abilities?

Casted, but uninterruptible abilities.
I think the only melee stun that should remain instant cast is HoJ because, since it’s magical, it can be countered by stuff like Grounding Totem, Spell Reflect or Revival, and it can also be dispelled, so there’s already a lot of counterplay to it.

This thread is not meant a real idea, it’s more intended as a discussion.

Sounds good if it’s a melee meta. Horrible if caster meta. So who knows how it should be really.

Honestly, all melees with two charges of a mobility spell should lose one charge.
Meanwhile, casters should be casting again.

We’ve strayed too far from God.


Fully agree, this is the main problem with pvp.

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Well buckle up because Monks will be able to dash forward after a roll in TWW, and Demon Hunters will enjoy two charges of Disengage.

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Omfg had not seen that, but kinda expected. Can we not make the game worse with every expansion please… But we all know pve is the driving force behind every cringe game development, and that won’t change. Arenas could be so good if they deleted pve, I swear.

I’m just glad elden ring dlc comes in a month, even if the pvp in that game is a meme it is funnier than wow has been for a long time.

Bonus points if this means double immunity p1ss…

You mean the one where they roll and it “dashes” them to the nearest target within a certain radius? xD
Yea, ww monks is getting a mobility increase what I read but I can be wrong.

They can dash forward after a roll.

  • there’s a new talent in the Monk tree, “Clash”, which makes you and your target charge at each other and it roots your target.
  • for MW, using Tiger’s Lust reduces the CD of Chi Torpedo by 5 seconds.


Wait till you see warrs, removing roots and snares with Charge in TWW :rofl:

Ah yea, its the brewmaster PvP talent from before but you can also choose “Rushing Reflexes” which dashes you to the closest target within 10 yards after a roll. ^^
If you interrupt roll gets a 5sec cd reduction etc.
So monks is getting quite mobility increase ^^

Slayer heroic talent “Relentless Pursuit” yea xd

I kinda believe the only real “fix” for PvP would be an entirely different talent tree apart from PvE which is just for PvP lol where they can balance it without caring about PvE abilities.

The game isn’t even centered around mobility anymore

It’s centered around how much you can deny others from playing

Ok, the Warrior reached the Mage, and then he got knocked away
He reached the Mage again, but then he got rooted
He bladestormed the root, but after that he got dragon’s breathed

The Mage can do all those without even blinking once, making the warrior waste most of his mobility

Resto druid is reached by melee with high mobility

  • Tree of Life

  • Entangling Root x3 (instant)

  • Bash

  • Cyclone x3 (if nobody wants to stop it and he doesn’t leave gaps)

did mobility help there?

Demo Warlock gets reached by high mobility melee

Pet stun
1 more

all that ended, great, you can now reach him!

and he ports

ok well u reached him again

he gated

u reached him a 3rd time

CC chain restarts

That’s what the game has become. The people playing higher CC classes stuck on lower ratings dying are dying because they’re trying to run away. Why run away? Bash Cyclone the guy in his face. Throw an undispellable Freezing trap on his CDs.

the list goes on

There’s barely any wheelchair classes left anyway, or classes without 50 micro CC spells. Dump them all.

You win these days by being annoying and not allowing people to play. Then you eventually get a kill window and kill them.

Only 0.1% of the game’s healer players dispel you within 1 second anyway.

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no it´s worse, unless they nerf the mobility from classes like mage.

Cheap shot and kidney shot castable and can be interrupted ?
Yes, Please !
Blind, too!
Sap too !
Gouge too !

And don’t forget castable disarm - maybe the cast can say “trying to grapple weapon” or something !
Smoke bomb is castable too … or was it instant cast … I can’t remember since I am afk while my char is stunned anyway.

That is so true, in 2s this is way too much of the meta
I try on my SV too make CC chain on the healer and burst the DPs LIke in the good old days, BUT that one doesnt end well most of the time and if i just run at there healer WWWWW and cc there DPS just dont make him play i auto win so boring

So in what way is WWs mobility worse in TWW compared to now?

I mean SV is the god of 2s and has been for years.

Awesome i hope blizz decide to do that, I am just moving to my mage and make macros on whatever evasive I am using to yell rofl, example a SS loby of 5 casters and you as melee, don’t care who you are hell be the best in the world, you are gonna get utterly destroyed in current “melee are op range sux state of everyone mind”

God, allowed DH”s

cuz u cant charge your enemy multiple times anymore, and roll have charges, to use roll in general also feels really bad and outdated

and with the tigerpalm talent, u can atleast charge and keep up with a hunter, or feral, or priest, or druid, or mw and dh

but this change litteraly is the same as the current “charge” when u use tiger palm BUT instead of beeing unlimited (until u dont have energy) u only have 2-3 charges now.

IT (WOULD) be a good change IF ← They nerf also the mobility of other classes, like Mage, Warri, Dh and Shaman Knock or root nerf

i think we are at a point, where some classes have too many gap closers/ kite abilitys