What if ... tanking as Shaman or Tinker

What if,

  • If their would be a tanking spec for Shamans,
  • And their mechanics, dps and aggro would be identical to…let’s say a new Tinker class tank???

The Shaman tanking class, or Guardian spec, will use the 4th element earth.
The Tinker tank could use metal, their hero unit or something.

The shaman could use an earth elemental as tank, or use for aggro etc
The tinker could use his/her hero-unit

The shaman tank will use earth spikes for dps,
the tinker will use shooting bolts for dps, or perhaps some shooting of radiation, nope we won’t use radiation as we would make the same fault as the stupidious genocide on the NE’s…

The shaman has it’s earth shield
The tinker has his electro-magnetic shield

and so on…

To me, if the visuals are shiny enough, I would not mind having the same mechanics, dps output etc as another class.

Oh yeah, off topic, I definitely want new totem designs, I want to be able to choose for my Goblin.

What do you think about a sharable tanking strategy, dps aggro etc ???

A shaman tank would be an earthwarden, give the utility of the ground we step on for them to use as tanks. Create barriers in the form of blocks of rocks torn up, or the likes.

As Tinker, steam/siege engineering, the utility of mech or steam powered devices.

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