What is a cool tmog for monks?

hi guys,

currently I’m using this tmog and I kinda like it but what tmog is really sick for monks? also I want to know what mount looks cool on monks aswell.



Whatever you like. Mogs and mounts are subjective.

I really like this one (Rogue offset HFC mythic) with Defilers Tabard

Mythic BoD gear on season 4 bfa pvp mount

I love mine. Never switching it. Has cool light-up effect too which is not visible in the armory.

I almost never use full sets but I like realistic and simplistic sets so I’ve used this one since I started playing Monk.

I generally like a fairly simple mog; often hide the shoulders, choose one of the wide hats that were our style until BfA took class identity away. The basic Pandaria wooden/straw hat works with a lot of things, or the Shado-Pan helm is solid, but there’s also some nice scarf options from WoD era raiding.

On the whole I prefer mogs that look humble, vs flashy, because monks’ power source is themselves. They don’t need to be covered in magical glowing bling.

But right now, I’m rocking a Kyrian fusion because gosh darn it I earned these wings and I’m gonna wear them!

Idk I love having fun with mogs so get as many full sets as you can and some cheap nice items from AH and you can have eternal fun mixing it up.

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