What is a really cool transmog for ww monk?

hey guys,

I’m curious what tmog you guys think is really nice for monks?
can be all rogue/druid/dh mogs aswell…

I want to farm a decent tmog for my monk but I’m not sure which one yet.



The one I’m wearing now it’s my favourite combination so far.

Although, I really wished I could get the Legion PvP rogue-ish sets, but Blizzard doesn’t seem to care enough to give us some ways to get them, so yeah.

Maybe you should check out the Burning Crusade Assassin Dungeon Set.
Beautiful black / dark blue combination
Perfect to nearly every weapon.
You can check it on my DH profil
I mogged it with double thunderfury

Set from the last Legion season (pvp-fierce gladiator, pve-chi’ji’s battlegear). In my opinion the only good set for a monk, and I hope they do something similar again :slightly_smiling_face:

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