What is Ny'alotha exactly?


Okay, recently I have seen a lot about Ny’alotha and how it potentially may be the zone for the next expansion or the new zone for the next patch. But what exactly is it? The internet isn’t really giving me a clear explanation. I heard its the ‘Sleeping city’ But what does that mean? What is Ny’alotha’s purpose??

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We don’t really know. But it being in the shadowlands have sparked some ideas for me. We know that Arthas only saw darkness when he died at the top of icecrown and so did Sylvanas after jumping from the top of icecrown.
When us players die we dont see this darkness, we just run around in the shadow realm of the world.
We know however that there are other realms for the dead which I assume is within the shadowlands. Such as Helya’s realm and Bwonsamdi’s realm where souls that made a deal with any of them or was claimed in their name go when they die.
I view the shadowlands as being the opposite of the emerald dream, and we know the old gods are trying to get into and take over the emerald dream.
I think they have already managed to take over parts of the shadowlands and that’s where Ny’alotha is, like the leaked picture shows us.
The death gods fight over souls to claim so that they can grow in power, I think the old guys are stealing souls to also gather power.
And I think that is where Arthas and Sylvanas etc ends up when they see only darkness, pain and suffering… inside Ny’alotha.
Old gods and other void beings seem to be fueled by negative emotions compared to naaru and light beings who go by positive emotions.
So it makes sense for Ny’alotha to be filled with darkness and suffering.
And it makes sense for Arthas and Sylvanas to go there since they died on Saronite, the blood of Yogg-saron.

That’s what I think right now atleast.


That makes me think, this would also fulfill Blizzard’s need to resurrect dead characters. If we go to the shadowlands, what if we meet Arthas again, who will lead our armies against Nyalotha, finally finding his true death, peace and redemption in 1 whole expansion or more.

Uhhh. I could definitely see that happening.


That is precisely what the Shadowlands are =]

An interesting theory, all told. It would make sense for the Old Gods to want to expand into other realms. As you said, they certainly tried with the Dream. Why not the Shadowlands as well? Indeed, in many quests to do with the Shadowlands (such as those with Uuna) involve some pretty void-esque creatures…

They definitely see the Shadowlands (or another realm beyond it) when they die. I personally think Ny’alotha is a physical place on Azeroth. A remnant of the Black Empire, buried beneath the tides and perhaps even the ground. Whether it has a mirror/connection to the Shadowlands, much like the World Trees do the Emerald Dream? Well… It’s not impossible.


But I thought that when Arthas died, he got sent to the void or something for his soul to be tortured endlessly

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Yes, Ny’alotha is possibly in Azeroth and not in the shadowlands. Though some of the hint makes me think otherwise.
Like the whispers from Xal’Atoh “You will sleep in Ny’alotha”.
Il’gynoth says when he dies " N’zoth… I journey… to Ny’alotha…"
And Yogg-saron says: “In the land of Ny’alotha there is only sleep…” " In the sleeping city of Ny’alotha walk only mad things."
Sleeping is sometimes a reference to dead, like final sleep, eternal sleep and such.
Though I very much believe that they are connected, like you said, something like mirror image in the normal world and shadowlands. Xal’atath speak of the towers of sacrifice in Ny’alotha dwarfing the temples in stormheim, and it does seem odd to have towers of sacrifice inside the shadowlands. So I’m gonna have to give that some more thought.

Maybe the Ny’alotha of our world is in ruins, but the portal to the shadowlands can be found there inside the ruins?

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True. But the old gods are said to have been sent by the void lords. If that is the case it makes sense to me that Ny’alotha would be voidy.

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What if it was the “In-between?” Like a bridge?


I think we might have seen the portal to the shadow lands already, right under where Azhara is killed, and the towers are the where the chains where connected to.

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