What is the best spec for a returning rogue

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I am getting back into my rogue after using my unholy for ages


Outlaw PVE, M+, and even raiding, Assassination PVP, and raiding, Sub not that good atm, but if you enjoy it play it

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Is outlaw viable for raiding too? Im thinking of rerolling from my Hunter to this rogue. Enjoy outlaw alot more than Sin.

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Outlaw for M+ 100% without question, you can raid with outlaw too but you have to put the extra effort in without a doubt. Assa for PVP & Raid, you can use it for M+ too but it requires alot more brain power to make work at its best. Sub is not good for a returning or new player by any means to the class since its pretty garbo outside of PVP.

If you want to do casual PVP like bgs, skirmishes on rogue I’d suggest re-rolling to ret or ww monk maybe instead as I’d like to think its not worth investing the amount of patience to get any enjoyment out of rogue.


h ttps://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/23/
pretty good when you get gear

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