What is the big threat in the dragon isles that might require a full expansion?

didnt we already deal with all the dragonflights before ?

The first raid is dealing with “Primal Incarnates” whatever the hell those are. Chromatus or the twilight flight is likely to make an appearance at some point, but the information we have so far lends itself much more toward mess about and find out kind of threats than something pressing that has to urgently be dealt with or the world poops itself.

You have it the wrong way round. We usually get a big threat because we want an expansion. If they can deliver a cool expansion without a big threat, that’s perfectly fine as well. And even if we get a big villain, it can be the result of the story, instead of it’s setup. I mean, someone threatening to destroy the universe every 2 years isn’t a good story, it’s just a bad meme.

That said… Chromatus, Galakrond and Murozond would be the obvious dragon-type threats.


Think of Dragonflight as being similar to Mists of Pandaria. There’s no initial Big Bad that we have to stop, just a new land to explore with it’s own dangers and enemies to confront.

The most dangerous at first will be the Primal Dragons (Think Dragon Aspects that draw their strength from one of the 4 elements rather than being granted Titanic power and haven’t been depowered), but after that? It depends on how the story will progress.

There are a lot more Flights now then there used to be, and several of them are threats. Chromatic, Twilights, Infinite… All could be used. And there could be Black Dragon shenanigans (I’d like Sabellian to make an appearance, though not as an enemy to kill).

And there’s always Nozdormu’s eventual fall to keep in mind…


I bet there will be a new aspect, we never heard before and they want to enslave all the other aspects and then destroy the whole universe

Ion just confirmed that the expansion will indeed have a big bad but it just won’t be revealed immediately. I’m going to have to go with Chromatus because it opens up so many interesting possibilities for storytelling.

Like think about it, Chromatus, an evil being formed from combining all 5 dragonflights shows up and is super powerful. It could turn out that in order to defeat him, we need the combined efforts of all 5 dragonflights. But we have a problem: the black dragonflight. They’ve been out of their minds for thousands of years and all 5 dragonflights as a result have not been fighting side-by-side ever since Neltharion went mad.

Enter Wrathion. He’s been trying to re-build the black dragonflight for the past few expansions in the background. Now the other dragonflights need his aid, but they’re really leery about him because he’s been kind of dodgy as a personality for the entire time until now. He might even behave a bit questionably at first, be a bit of a selfish prick, but eventually in the expansion prove that he indeed puts the protection of Azeroth over everything else.

Wrathion then leads the black dragonflight into battle against Chromatus with the other 4 dragonflights. After the dust settles, the five dragonflights have united and become the protectors of Azeroth once more and Wrathion is crowned the Aspect of the Black Dragonflight.

Like come on, this would actually be dope as hell and much better than some kind of BS plot that resurrects Galakrond for no reason.



well, its just a matter of time before wrathion would turn evil.

but i dont want a dragon as a big bad. we already had that. how many times can we kill dragons before it gets boring ?

lots of dragons and even people could become the main villain.

we have Wrathion, who might become evil probably not of his free will, he might have parts of N´zoth in him, after he used the dagger.
and the as the others say Chromatus, Nozdormu becoming Murozond is a high possibility.
Sindragosa might be involved in some way, even she is dead but it seems hinted she might be back.

and the we have the line The golden one claims a vacant throne. The crown of light will bring only darkness.
we are getting closer to this buy the minute, becuse there is now 2 vacant thrones, first one is Stormwind throne, due to anduing lingering in Shadowlands, other one is the icecrown throne also vacant, and not to forget Shadowlands have a mega rookie Aribter that might let someone back to Azeroth that literaly should not ever come back, if he can do that, including Deathwing, and probably Galakrond also, that could be devestating.

and then not to forget yrel with her holy light army, if she for some reason gets to Azeroth it could become intresting, specialy if they golden one is Turalyon.

Probably murozond, maybe we will see nzoth again since the old god was planning something with the dagger in bfa, maybe galakrond awakening.

Murozond goes back in time and stops Galakrond from choking to death on a pebble/proto-dragon sandwich. Sounds like a joke but… given what the Bronze/infinite dragons do and the fact we will be seeing them again shortly, I’m not so sure now.

It’s speculation but, we already know from Xal’atath that Galakrond was probably an old god servant too. There’s an unused quote from Xal in Legion that at least implies it.

“A powerful dragon could be a powerful tool. Alas, gone are the days of Galakrond.”

It’s also worth remembering that It could end up being Tyr who was ultimately responsible for the monstrosity Galakrond became, per the Dawn of the Aspects publications written before Legion. Probably more Titan experimentation gone awry revealed in the revamped Uldaman or other facilities we may visit.

That said, if it in some way confirmed the Old God’s are behind his corruption too, it would make sense for Murozond being another of their victims to do something like this. This is given they’d both share same puppet masters and it would be utilising his flight’s time travel capabilities.

It could end up being like BFA where there is once again this underlying Old god presence hinted at that has it’s machinations revealed towards the end. We’ll probably end up doing something that sets in motion a series of events that leads to it and there are still a lot of Old God whisper prophecies to fulfil to bear in mind too.

Given Galakrond has been long dead this is the only reasonable way that comes to mind where I can see us as the player interacting with him directly. That said, I’m hesitant to even suggest it as speculation as time travel elements in a story set can be difficult to implement in a satisfactory way. There’s a good chance for the story/lore to become an absolute mess if implemented without care or attention to detail and a degree of restraint. The is a risk of just adding more plot holes, inconsistencies or retcons all round.

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well, we already had dragons and old gods as the big bad. we already had time travelling.
it sounds more likely the big bad would be someone that is behind resurrection of galakrond.
all i know is that i really hope it wont be another old god or a dragon. or even time traveling.

Something I completely forgot about and haven’t seen mentioned in this thread yet is the world serpent like being that potentially exists. There is something watching us as hinted at through at least one in game text that has yet to be revealed.

A Doomsayers pamphlet that dropped from the Legion invasions pre-patch event hints at it’s existance.



The crooked serpent with no eyes is watching from the endless sky.

Forked tongues flicker through the black pits in dead stars.

The veil between dream and dreamer slides away like skin from bone.

And even the darkness howls for the light it once despised.

<The rest of the note is illegible, covered in strange glyphs and scribbles.>

Then you have all this ouroboros iconography in the shadowlands not yet touched upon. You could probably tie this entity into Dragonflight as being a sort of wyrm/dragon like being that can borrow from real world mythologies such as Apophis or the Jörmungandr. Then again it can be argued Galakrond already shares a lot of their attributes.

The golden one claims the vaccant throne…
Calia (the golden one) claims the lordaeron throne, goes insane for some reason and declares war on all of the living races…

How about not having people go insane or being mind-controlled and just having incompatible goals that naturally lead to a conflict where you could actually root for both sides? Do we really need such crutches to explain why people aren’t all good? We need more Daelin’s and Garithos’s who are just normal “human” bigots and idiots to get things to a point where the more reasonable ones are left less of a choice.

It doesn’t always have to be a genocide to create tensions, either…

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I’m pretty excited to see what the biggie is. Although I’ll have a guess at it being Galakrond, with several encounters where we fight his various body parts, a la Deathwing.

All I know is, even if it was one of Deathwing’s poos given sentience, it’d still be better than Shadowlands.

So long as he isn’t bald and blue, I’m happy.

Lack of grow of annual profit from SL.

I hope we get a real good Stormwind raid with Turalyon and his army of light as boss.

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