What is the emerald dream?

So I’ve heared that the emerald dream was either built by freya during the ordering of azeroth or it was already there, but I’m still not sure what exactly it is.

The way the zone is designed it does absolutely look like it was ordered by the titan keepers :thinking: Does the emerald dream only relate to azeroth or is it something that spans over the whole game including draenor, etc. ? Is the part of the emerald dream just the specific one that is connected to azeroth and got ordered by freya and ysera or am I reading too much into how it was designed?

The reason why I think this is that the nature on draenor and the everbloom looks completely different and way more unsettling/dangerous than in the emerald dream on the dragon isles, so I wonder if what we see from the emerald dream now is just the way it is, because it is influenced by titans, or am I interpreting it wrongly?

The Emerald Dream either is the same as the plane of life, or a part of it, since it is directly connected to Ardenweald, which isn’t limited to Azeroth or one dimension. And yes, the titans did some ordering there, that has yet to be explained. I see no reason to doubt their claims on it. I guess we’ll learn more about that, once we get to meet Elune, or something, since she seems to be one of the ruling powers in Life.

Might be that the Emerald Dream is an area of the “Lifelands” that’s specifically connected to Azeroth… or the devs just threw that connection out, when they developed their current idea of cosmic lore. Who knows?

Emerald Dream has changed so we have no clue what it is now. At first it was created by Eonar/Freya. Supposed to be a blueprint of Azeroth. A place where Wild Gods go when they die and after time ressurect due to their spirit being there.

Now aparently it spreads all over WoW universe and it is connected to Death where as of now, Wild Gods from ALL the universe go and become seed and that’s how they became live again and move on to Emerald Dream.

What is Emerald Dream now, I don’t think even Blizzard knows

several npcs call it the realms of life so chances are it is that x’D counter to shadowlands admittedly going by in game lore books, azeroth bitis order infuluenced

What is it? Lame.

The dream used to be savage, wild, untamed. The ur-state of Azeroth, unburdened by civilisation, towns, cities, roads… Anyone who has seen or travelled the wild should know what it was. Not a pretty forest, not a welcoming home. The savage wilderness is neither of those.

It was the domain of druids, who were the only ones able to blend into its forbidding jungle. There were no buildings, no roads. And within this pristine place, crawled a nightmare that turned the world from something primal, into something dark and foreboding.

Now? Now it’s some sorta hippy fever dream.

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Domesticated Emerald Dream.
From what i’ve seen in 10.2 the verdant wilds looks very tame and calm minus the burning.

Great description of what it should be btw.

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