What is the point of crafting professions again?

So I can craft a 385 if I grind for 10000hrs, and maybe upgrade it down the line for another 10000hrs. OR…

I can do some m+ and get the gear in the weekly refresh…

What was that about armorcrafting professions being good again?


As far as I know, lots of players use crafted items to fill in the slots that are not suitable for their tier pieces

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You can craft 400+ ilvl pieces too, and also you can craft the exact item you need.

U can get every piece of gear at higher than max valor ilvl. Or as high as mid-ish mythic raid.

Yes for some items its not worth it, like tier pieces , some ring or trinkets, but overaly, especialy early in season, there is huge point for it.

I’ve got 4 405’s and I’ve crafted three myself. I don’t recall putting in 10000 hours though. As a casual who does few M+ crafting is the easiest way to get 400+ gear (yes you need to kill Raz and max renown for the 5 items but that’s not a big deal now)

Is there a guide for crafting these? Where should I farm those air and earth thingies?

With a mining and a herbalism alt.

Wowhead has comprehensive crafting guides. You can craft to 392 then upgrade to 405 later. It does take several weeks to be able to get to 405 and renown will depend if you’ve been playing.

There are crafting orders and many people who will craft for you also. Lots for free or minimal gold. You don’t have to do it yourself.(but you will need the sparks/infusions)

Just note crafted gear cannot be converted to tier in the catalyst.

For people who don’t play that kind of content - though honestly it was easier and faster to farm primal gear. It’s a long term investment to upgrade the crafted gear over time. I just get the lariat, ring, a weapon and a trinket.

I have crafted 418 gear with mine to suppliment my gear from raid and m+

Or to fill the slots temporary with items til they get the drop they want.

I raid mythic and run +20 keys and I’m wearing 4 crafted items.

U can.

but u’ll get booted from higher keys, without Flasks, Food, Enchants, and Gem slots filled.

Also, Embellished Items are BiS Compared to items that drop in M+ Such as the Elemental Lariat. so i guess, proffessions rly are important.

meh not much honest just use it craft flask and point so on beyond thet dont make much gold out of it

I am still figuring put how profession works? When I do that I expecting nobel price for research.

Hi, I’m a crafter.

My Main has 5 pieces of crafted 418 gear.

I make an average of 75k-150k gold per day crafting items for other players, they vary from 392-418. I allow players to set their on Commission, provided its fair to me the crafter as well.

It’s a really enjoyable part of the game. I really like interacting with other players. I have made lots of new friends in game doing this as well.

That’s the reason for crafting.

theres no point of it more than it takes up your whole screen and you cant trade or open mailbox / bank anymore.

Only viable professions are JC and Alchemy.

I crafted some 412 bracers today, without farming or buggering about with the profession system that much. Nothing to complain about, it’s something /shrug

Its really there for those that don’t do high end content or just want to gear alts they use for farming materials. Remember though the professions will be fillers for each major content patch/season update. Its horribly grindy but does serve a purpose.

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