What is the reason for

so they removed the ability to queue for bg from anywhere.

i’ve already seen the endless crusade against RDF, but as far as I can tell these same arguments just don’t hold water when it comes to remote BG queueing.

the (theoretical) argument that is impacts any type of social experience is a null one. having no remote BG queue forces people to go into the city and sit AFK whilst the queue pops. you can’t even teleport straight back into the open world like you can with RDF because you get tethered back to wherever you queued once you exit. this is damaging the ‘alive-world’ feeling aswell because we’re all gonna be stuck in the city instead of doing dailies, grinding proffs etc.

so I have two questions.

  1. what is blizzards reasoning for this?

  2. and this is an honest question: literally who asked for remote BG queueing to be removed?

they are adding the ability to queue BGs from anywhere after maintenance tonight.

great news! where did they announce this please?

ty <3 /10chars


Edit: someone beat me to it.

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late but thanks :smiley:

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