What is this server like?

Hey guys, I’m looking to make some horde characters on this server and was wondering what the server was like and do you recommend it for new characters?? What is the community like? Are there still people levelling, questing and running dungeons? What is the wPvP like?

There’s enough of low level characters around. Sadly A/H ratio is not very good - 35/65 or something close.

It really depends on how you see “enough” players.

I’ve been running around for a little while now, leveling and trying to get stuff done. And it’s really hard getting groups for group quests and dungeons at lower levels.

I don’t know for sure, but it seems like the majority of the population have reached higher levels, and I guess most people rarely make alts immediately after reaching level 60, since that is when the real grind starts.

What I’m trying to say here I guess, is that this server does not feel overly populated when you’re at the lower levels. Sometimes that might be a good thing, but it often feels like a bad thing.

So do with this information as you please :slight_smile:

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