What is your characters backstory if they have one?

I find it very interesting to give my characters backstory within the world rather than them just being some random individual. Who was your character before becoming the hero of azeroth?


Well, none of them are “the hero of Azeroth” or “the Maw Walker”… my characters are just average (maybe a litte above average) adventurers. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to find out more about them here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Hedonick/works, where I pubish my fanfiction. WoWs lore is very important to me and I always try to retell what’s happening in the world and how this impacts my characters and their lives.


Never really though about it. If I was to make one on the spot I would say it would go something like this.

Long ago Amonet was a part of the Kirin Tor. She was a researcher studying all things titan related and the arcane. After discovering that the titans are not as benevolent as they seemed and the “space robot” part of the cosmology she started to dislike/hate them. Abandoning the powers of order she sought out alternative sources of power, powers that have been proven to work against Titans and their like, specifically fel and void. Now she roams the world searching to for ways to become even more powerful.

PS I know it’s a bit Mary-Sue-ish.

My main is a pandaren hunter and Ive always thought she was a pretty typical Pandaren TBH. Likes eating, drinking, exploring and takes life as it comes. Def not a big hero, but somebody who happens to be in the right (or wrong!) place at the crucial time.
One thing I am sure of though…she brews terrible beer! I dont know why but in my head cannon she is desperate to brew quality beer like the Stormstouts but is known for how undrinkable her attempts are instead. :smiley:

Grubwik XIV, like pretty much all goblins is from the island of Kezan, born to an unknown mother and his father Grubwik XIII, his father was a greedy and cruel goblin, after his birth, he fired Grubwiks mother… Out of a cannon. She was too ugly and poor looking for him, she would write letters sometimes with her new boyfriend, which enraged Grubwiks father. Grubwik watched his father toil away from his bitterness and rage, creating devices to attempt to get back at his ex-wife and her new boyfriend, but each invention failed, eventually Grubwik got sick of seeing his father fail over and over again, and rigged one of his fathers inventions to explode, Grubwik XIII was killed in the explosion, and Grubwik now owned his fathers entire wealth, and vowed he’d become a better inventor than his father ever was. His first invention was the “Greasedog” a hotdog with all the deliciousness of good old fashioned goblin style motorgrease, unfortunately the Greasedogs had a tedency to explode after being eaten, they were a failure. Next he invented the “HPR-MK-1” Or “Horse-Powered Rocket” unfortunately the horses were explosive, and the invention exploded, they were a failure. He would not give up though, and he invented the anti-explosion bomb, which in theory would render any explosive un- explodeable, and it worked! Until the shield exploded, then the device exploded, then Grubwiks house exploded. Grubwik was the laughing stock of Kezan, they’d call him “Grubwik McStupidExplodeypants” this enraged him, Grubwik learned to do crazy good espionage, he would sneak into these so called “better inventors” labs and replaced their inventions with his, he killed many, and nobody suspected Grubwik cause he was just an idiot who kept blowing himself up, he was still a laughing stock even with his competition gone, so he made a plan, he’d explode the entire island of Kezan! Just as he was getting ready to ennact his plan, Kezan exploded, Deathwing had caused a mighty Cataclysm, he managed to escape on a Horse-Powered Rocket that had managed to survive, it managed to not explode as he reached the shores of Durotar, where he found his fellow goblins had already arrived, he joined the Horde alongside his fellow goblins seeing it as an opportunity to make some money and find some simple dumb shmucks to trick into testing out his weapons and inventions. While everyone else set off to go on adventures in Pandaria, Draenor, and The Broken Isles, Grubwik continued to hone his craft, accidentally exploding a few orphanages and schools, he began a business selling random bits and bobs and little inventions in Orgrimmar, his inventions were awful and constantly exploded as usual, but people bought them to throw at their enemies, Grubwik made made A LOT of money from selling his volatile devices, and to a goblin money is all that matters. He was swimming in dough, absolutely drowning in it. Until his business got shut down for being too dangerous and all his money was confiscated due to city damage and the deaths of 5 door to door salesmen. Grubwik now broke heard about an offer to go on a mission to Zul’Dazar to “help the trolls”. But Grubwik didn’t care about the trolls, what he did care about was the fact Zul’Dazar was a city made out of gold, he imagined the money he could make in a place with that much gold. He packed his gear, ready to set off and befriend or possibly blow up an empire for a bunch of gold. He meets up with his unlikely friend, another member of The Horde, explaining the mission and the amount of money they might make from this, his friend for their own reasons decides to tag along, and together they prepare to set sail to save a princess, and possibly make a ton of moolah.
(The friend is my buddies character)

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I guess didnt thought much about background but:
Dralkharn was one of the arcanists residing in nighthold pre 7.1 events, being witness to Elisande’s pact with the force that will enslave his people he started plotting revenge, he was feeding thalyssra’s resistance valuable intel, studied demonic magic and managed to reach council of black harvest, trading the knowledge of ability to control fel without succumbing to it’s influence for various valuable nightborne magical artifacts.
When crap hit the fan and siege of nighthold started he was one of the nightbornes sabotaging nighthold’s defense forces.
That’s it

My backstory is…

I created the character, named it, played it and that is it!

I still have to finish my backstory…

People who have seen what I have written are likely saying “oh no…”

He was badass genetic supersoldier. He woke up, ready to take up arms for Neltharion and the flights but noticed that not only had they all become whimpering fools, his own people had too, somehow.

As he explored a world inhabited by insecure clowns and immature losers, he slowly realised he was a game character, being played straight in a world of nonsense.

After that, he decided to spam M+ and torture himself to death in the healing role, sadly with no success, yet.

Let me start by saying…
Vankya was a Paladin that turned into a deathknight.

That’s it.

All my characters have backstories, some more intricate than others. What I find interesting about it is that regularly I make a character because I’m curious about the class, pick a race I think works well with it, they have a certain ‘vibe’ which is very particular to this specific character and suddenly halfway through leveling I understand who they are and what made them that way.

It’s a bit like reading a book. Very fun!

My Dks Backstory is that the Lich King wanted too ressurect the most powerful champion of Azeroth.

And the henchmen he sent to fetch that champion got the wrong body and ressurected my DK the village idiot instead. :dracthyr_shrug:

Not that is matters since there is little to no RP in my server and Blizz doesn’t give us the proper tools to RP but my dwarf is a Veteran of both the Third and the Fourth War, so he doesn’t like the Horde one bit and doesn’t understand why the Alliance isn’t sending these Orcs packing back to the planet they came from.

When Vomlir wasn’t getting contracts on killing Horde officials and sabotaging Horde operations, he was working for the Explorer’s League since he took an interest in archaeology after the Third War. So right now he begrudgingly works for the Dragonscale expedition while eyeing the Reliquary suspiciously all the time.

That’s my story, and based on that, I base my interactions with the world inside my head. It makes everything better. But sadly I am stuck in a non-RP server and since WoW devs refuse to give us even a fraction of the TRP features it’s not like I am going to RP with other players any time soon.

There would be quite a few things that could be done that would improve the life of roleplayers for sure. Despite that rp is still fun tho :slight_smile: Have you checked out AD? You might enjoy the place very much.

Being able to write a backstory and a more detailed description which can be viewed by other players via inspection would be a godsend. You could write something there that other players could use to approach you in-character.

But heck, wanna solve the content problem? Implement RP-mode (similar to Warmode), in that RP mode the world could turn into a sandbox where the leader of a group could create their own custom questlines. Perfect for guild-RP-events as well. With such a mode the game will immediately get infinite content.

I don’[t fancy creating another character nor paying for a realm transfer. I am going to look for some AD players who might be able to add me as a friend and invite me for some event. That way I might be able to hop in and out of some RP at least.

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My character is a shape shifter.

Initially from nothing into an undead. Then a large anthropomorphic cow before becoming a feral chihuahua.

I like to have a general idea about my character’s moral leaning, but have never really given it any thought in detail.

It would be something along the lines of that he was forged in the fires of Blackrock Mountain and willingly accepted the gifts of Ragnaros, allowing him to have a mastery over fiery beasts - hence the stable being pretty much all flaming pets.

He’s not fighting against the forces of evil because he’s picked the side of good but rather because his fiery beasts and murderous appetite provide a useful and unique offense and the factions requested his aid specifically. Now he and his flaming beasts can unleash their fury on anything that stands in their way.

Dukafleed (short Duka) is a female night elf that lost her pet mount as she was young, now being in her late 30s, bad marriage, shifting between works and moving from Darnassus to Stormwind. One night while being exhausted and depressed, she went to bed early only to dream of her happy child life with her lost pet mount. so she decided to look for her pet mount ever since. last heard that her pet mount raised by this other night elf lady called Sylvana ?
Duka been visiting Sylvana every week before months elune cresenct trying to persuade Sylvana to let Duka sees her little per mount “Duki”.

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