What it feels like to get help from other players in Classic and BfA


A machinima I made on topic of working with other players in Classic and BfA. Enjoy!

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I wonder how many put the gnome on ignore after that group :smile:


Another brilliant one! :fire:

Thank you for sharing! You are really great at these, all those little details, like the daze off mount, lol, or the AFK mark, and what not. I like the effects too. :slight_smile:

And it´s so spot on. Can´t wait for Classic!

How long do these take to make?


Happy to hear it Alunaria! And they roughly take me around 1-2 weeks depending how distracted I get haha :smiley: I can’t wait for Classic also, though!


Ah, I see, neat! Well, they all turn out great!
What/How do you plan to play?
You´ve been around since Vanilla, or? :slight_smile:

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This is actually really good made, well done!!

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The Daze there was a nice touch, really hits home for me, however not much else. I think the behaviour of people in vanilla has been “mythologized” a bit.

While there were some nice stories, those were the exception, the general rule was that if you saw someone running/casting towards a mob, you are supposed to do an instant ranged attack to tag it quick. And if that player finished his fireball and got aggro, then you could just pull another while laughing at that mage who had to kill your mob now.

One hope is that this fantasy of players helping each other leads to some sort of tinkerbell effect, where if most people believe people in classic help eachother in quests that’s what they should do aswell.

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