What it feels like to get help from other players in Classic and BfA


A machinima I made on topic of working with other players in Classic and BfA. Enjoy!

(Moothilda) #2

I wonder how many put the gnome on ignore after that group :smile:


Another brilliant one! :fire:

Thank you for sharing! You are really great at these, all those little details, like the daze off mount, lol, or the AFK mark, and what not. I like the effects too. :slight_smile:

And it´s so spot on. Can´t wait for Classic!

How long do these take to make?


Happy to hear it Alunaria! And they roughly take me around 1-2 weeks depending how distracted I get haha :smiley: I can’t wait for Classic also, though!


Ah, I see, neat! Well, they all turn out great!
What/How do you plan to play?
You´ve been around since Vanilla, or? :slight_smile: