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Hello Friends,

I have to buy a new mac, as my old Mac just cant handle it anymore. I have been playing wow on Mac since blizzard released wow on OSx, and im not going to change to windows.

I am going to buy a Mac mini. (Dont fall off your chair, its only temporary until they release the new Mac pro).
I know there are cheaper solutions for this, but this is the one i want. I can use this as backup, or a extra mac when i have visitors.

Cant link the computer in this forum post apparently, but its the new 2018 Mac mini released this november.

Im not good with computers. I know wow need good gpu… The Gpu is dog on a mini, so i will connect a beast EGPU obviously. Some people say wow need good cpu to function.

The mini can be bought with this cpu; i3 4-cores 3,6 GHz , i5 6-cores 3.0 GHz with 4,1 GHz turbo boost or i7 6-core 3,2 GHz with 4,6 GHz turbo boost.
Which one should i buy ?

I will buy 512 GB SSB and 8gb ram.

I will upgrade the ram myself, because the upgrade is horrendiously expensive…

Should i upgrade to 16gb or 32gb ram ?

Edit: If i ever take the mini with me without the eGPU, the igpu inside the Mac mini need much ram to be better ?

Thanks in advance

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OsX like Windows is just software, you can still install it later so you can still buy a seperate case and mobo, knowing Apple, at a vastly lower price

Think is I dont know what is in your mini so I dont know what hardware is compatable with it

Plus opening Apple products to move or add physical hardware is a pain, they tend to design their hardware around discouraging you to do it

Always check for compatability with Mac, I dont know enough about it that I can say it works with most hardware

In general Apple attracts the least techies, consider asking at a store if it takes too long for a good answer here


First of all, don’t buy an I3 processor period.
Stick with the I5 or I7, but since you are planning to buy the new Mac pro at release I would go for the cheaper option.

Also keep in mind you can’t upgrade the SSD in the new Mac mini. It’s soldered on the motherboard.
Changing the RAM is fairly easy if you have the right equipment. (Watch out with opening the bottom tray, it’s not the same process as previous models)

Finally I would go for 16GB. Don’t spend too much on RAM, 32GB is overkill for WoW



Thank you for feedback.

3,0 GHz 6‑core Intel Core i5 (8. gen.) (Turbo Boost 4,1 GHz) can handle wow ?
( Intel Core i5-8500B six-core coffee lake)



Yes, de I5-8500B can handle WoW perfectly.

Just keep in mind to not put the graphical settings on the highest option.
The Mac mini can propably run it, but since it sits in a small compartment they tend to overheat.


Get a PC.

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