What nationalities are on this server?


Anyone knows what nationalities this server have? Like Firemaw scandinavians and Spanish are over representated. Shazzrah is the EU streamer server etc.

So What is Golemagg deal? Any big guild names or streamers? Nationality?

Would be good to know!

i want to know this also since i picked golemagg and im dutch my self


Unfortunately, Mulgore is spammed by the spanish. Hope it won’t last.

Me and my pal, swedish.

There’s defenitly a lot of dutch ppl. Me and my friends play here aswell. Also, I’ve seen germans recruiting for a german guild.

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From the reddit/mmo-champion poll with 60k replies and 3517 of them being Golemagg:

% Nationality
13.82% United Kingdom
8.98% Czech Republic
8.19% Sweden
6.28% Spain
6.23% Hungary
5.97% Netherlands
5.26% Poland
4.18% Denmark
3.67% Turkey
3.47% Other
3.38% Finland
3.13% Norway
2.96% Germany
2.93% Romania
2.42% Slovakia
2.13% Greece
2.08% Russia
1.93% Belgium
1.85% Portugal
1.56% Bulgaria
1.42% Croatia
0.82% Serbia
0.80% Ukraine
0.80% Italy
0.71% France
0.71% Ireland
0.65% Latvia
0.60% Austria
0.51% Slovenia
0.48% Lithuania
0.28% Switzerland
0.28% Bosnia and Herzegovina
0.23% Estonia
0.23% Cyprus
0.23% Belarus
0.20% Malta
0.14% North Macedonia
0.14% Iceland
0.09% Andorra
0.06% Azerbaijan
0.06% Monaco
0.06% Albania
0.06% Georgia
0.03% Kazakhstan
0.00% Kosovo
0.00% Armenia
0.00% Liechtenstein
0.00% Montenegro
0.00% San Marino
0.00% Moldova
0.00% Luxembourg

So there are 15,5% Scandinavians at the server :thinking:

Me and my pals are the 0.71% french colonialist, but yea, i see many Swedish ig

Seen a lot of top quality bants in world chat from my fellow brits.

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You know, If you don’t like the Spanish language, you can break out. I mean, we don’t want racism in WoW and also in any place of the world. :slight_smile:

At first I got the impression that the server were massively overpopulated with Czechs and Slovaks. Not anything wrong in that on it’s own, but the general chat in Elwynn and Redridge Mountains were alot of CZ/SK. Also most of the guild names I saw were definitely CZ/SK.

But as a Norwegian myself I’m glad to see that we got a lot of nationalities on this server! Not as Scandinavian as Shazzrah or Firemaw according to rumors, but still enough. I even encountered some Norwegians in-game and found out that it’s also a pretty huge Norwegian only guild on the server.

I’m hoping that we will have a good English speaking and multi-national server in the time to come as well! I’m not too fan of national coalitions forming on English servers. If I were I’d probably roll on Shazzrah or Firemaw, to benefit from being in a coalition with the majority.

A good part is spanish , tons of late night spanish talk in general , rest is eastern europe countries~

I know Youtuber Kaif is on Golemagg Alliance, and Horde side has a big Spanish streamer in the guild “REPRESENT”

My guild personally has a lot of Scandinavians and Dutch people.

Definitely a european realm with some foreigners like americans, now I just need to know if there’s any chinese on the realm. Lol.