What professions did you pick and why?

I chose fishing and herbalism, nothing feels more relaxing than strolling around the map collecting flowers and fishing along rivers.

Enchanting and Tailoring, because neither need a secondary profession.

I have six alts that cover the other professions, one crafting one gathering.

I made the mistake of picking lw. At some point I realised it was an endless endeavour in DF and simply gave up.

Now everyone besides Cyl just herbs or mines and does some skinning, very casually. This profession system has killed any minor ambition I may have felt in the past :smile:

Oh and fishing. Fishing is great. I do enjoy that in DF!

One with herbing, mining and fishing. Another with alchemy and engi. Another with jewel crafting.

Gathering for efficiency. Engi for bracers with res tinker. Alch for the phials. JC for rings, necks, gems.

Engineering and Alchemy.

I have alts to pick the herbs and mine.

Consumables market for gold making, Alchemy+Enchanting+Cooking.

Make so much more from Consumables as they’re needed all the time every raid nights (Wednesday/Friday/Sunday), where as making gear is just a one off thing that relies on someone looking for it.

Easily make 150k from 5 minutes throwing stuff up for the night.

Alchemy because it’s still essentially required.

& whatever.

I took tailoring on priest, enchanting on druid.

I had Achemey and Herbalism until mid TBC then switched to Talioring and Enchanting as it was more viable for the raiding guild i was in and myself for BiS and Fire Resistance gear (I was the SSC Boss Tank as Lock).

Have stuck with that ever since as i find it the most useful for gearing my own character. I’ve never really aimed to make gold from profs, i’ve always just had them to support the guild (when we used to raid) and the character i play.

Engineering and Alchemy, because they have combat advantages.

So on my main i initially just did alch/herb for the obvious combination and benefits. and that was the only char with professions.
Then at some point i levelled herb/enchanting on my pala since enchanting seemed useful too.
In dragonflight I decided to expand - got inscription on evoker, LW on dh, JC on priest and tailoring on lock just to have some bases covered (not half of them are mules I don’t play except for rare stuff and professions). Sadly, it’s a pain to get everything done by someone else so I started focusing on being self-sufficient. Also, I find professions fun to do from time to time so I definitely enjoy crafting stuff. It also makes some gold, despite people saying it’s not possible - you just need to find niches and watch the market - there is gold to be made every day. Use some YT guides as a pointer and work your way out.
Like, even small things like my tailor provides me with passive gold just from making bags now. It’s so easy. And since my server is dead, the bag prices are higher than, say Kazzak.
If you are playing this game, get good at stuff - make some gold, have fun. Explore stuff - just don’t say it’s all doomed.

Back when I started in 2008, I was on my tauren hunter and picked mining and engineering. It was nice to make my own gun but everything else I could make was to entertain my friends.

Later I had a Holy Pala bloodelf. Doing tailor and enchanting. Got to do something with all the cloth found, and why not disenchant that for enchanting stuffs.

And currently, with this one, picking flowers and writing steamy … I mean inscription.
Although I begin to worry if this profession is still in demand, no one posts crafting orders, not seeing any in trade. While I can make nice trinkets, off-hands and staves. [shrug]

I always pick engineering and mining on ALL my characters. Engineering just adds another level of fun on top of each class! And mining’s fun and useful

I chose all the professions!

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I usually go for gathering professions on all my alts coz I CBA with professions for the most part.
My main has engineering and mining though as I love all the gadgets and doodads! (also with all the wormholes Im practically a mage!).

Nothing. Too much work, and little rewards for the hard work.

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