What really happened

Thank you blizz, CYA DEADFANG, enjoy your trolls and ninja looters.

+1 here witness the whole thing shame

“it’s full of sensitive trolls who act like delicate mentally challenged care bears, Kiddie fiddlers and Sheep shaggers.” thats the facts

You just made everyone see exactly the toxicity you and hairygorilla brought to the server… also just incase you posted this to avoid it heres again are the real reasons hairygorilla is hated on realm

Which bit did he not do wrong beful… was it

Not spamming lol at people in cities for days on end

Not following people leveling laughing at them trading bleech

Not going on discords with yourself shouting abuse and death threats and racial slurs.

Not getting banned from world chat for calling people pedo’s etc

with all this that he did not do yes i see what you mean damn blizz unban him quick…

you and hairygorilla are exactly whats wrong with immature online gamers with more time on their hands than brain cells and common sense.


Ok… 1st of all I don’t know Hairy or his another friend here, I was in the same Guild “The Alliance” few days before the drama began. Before I joined The Alliance I always saw Hairy trying to sell an Epic in World Chat and everything was ok. Later after i joined his Guild Hairy get blamed from the toxic Guild member Yugohealer in Worldchat. And Hairy just answered him in Guild Chat and the Situation was escalated. Now this stupid Guy yugohealer has a good reptutation and so many people blame Hairy day after day. The toxicity began with yugohealer and his friends and they all are in the toxic Guild Insomia with their toxic Guildleader bloodfang. btw yesterday Insnomnia members blamed an another IRL friend of Hairy and this guy was never toxic and always shown an good behavior. You guys are only follower of the Chat wich only reacts like this because another do the same. You Guys don’t have an own opinion. So let the few Brain cells u have, have an own way to think.

Peoples actions define who they are.

If HG had not over reacted and his mate not been so hot headed and their actions not so overdone they would not now be in the situation that they are in.

Letting something go is not a weakness and it seems HG and Beful are incapable of such a undertaking instead resort to lies, threats and overall racism and harrassment not only in game but on communications used by guilds only feeds the fact that they are not good people or worthy of any form of forgiveness.


“Peoples actions define who they are.”

Yes you are right! Like everyone else did. Then be honest and treat all the other players like toxic yugohealer or toxic bloodfang like Hairy and his friend. If not stop talking and trying to act like justice himself!

Hide like the little snake in the grass like you are , Did the ape finally got banned ?
Can finally forget this pedo

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“Can finally forget this pedo”

u can’t forget yourself coward