What server for new Character Alliance

Im looking for a nice RP server to start a character on. Alliance side.
What realm should I pick? I created a character on Scarshield Legion but only 5 people was in Stormwind even though it has high population.

Argent Dawn is a pretty good one.

But that is full and I dont want to wait to log in

I RP on AD and I never had to wait to log in.

I never played on Argent Dawn, but I don’t think I’ve heard of queues to log in there. If you want lively Alliance RP on an EU realm, that’s the liveliest there is.

I kind of want to recommend the connected realms Moonglade / Steamwheedle Cartel / The Sha’tar, but I’m pretty sure it is very unlively here compared to Scarshield Legion.
I just really like it here, and I’m not online that much myself, so I don’t mind others also not being online much…

(Our population was ‘Low’ last I checked.)

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

I tried to find better topic, but all are closed also the anti-spam didn’t let me create a topic, with more accurate name (i think).

I’m kinda new player in World of Warcraft. I played a bit TBC, and a lot Woltk years ago. Tried a little of BfA (but i didn’t like the content). I’m not also THAT new to role-play (i’m playing pnp rpgs like: Blades in The Dark, Shadow of The Demon Lord, Ironsworn, Dungeon World or Kult Divinity Lost mostly as a GM. I played some PBF’s when i was teenager).

I would like to join a roleplay server, as a beginner at alliance side… aaaand i have some questions about it.

  1. Which would be the best? Yes, I can see that most of you pointed out Argent Dawn.
    I’m a bit worried about queues like OP. I see there are more Role-play servers with high population like: Sporeggar, Venture Co, Ravenhold or Scarshield Legion. Or maybe ‘full’ doesn’t mean anything :stuck_out_tongue:.
  2. Knowledge of Lore: I know some of the lore: played Warcraft 2 and 3 and some wow, i know the base timeline. But i never went deep into the lore. For me, WoW has one of the biggest lore i have ever seen. I feel my knowledge about is too little at this moment, is it ok? Because I will surely make, a lot of mistakes of this.
  3. I would like to play RP but I haven’t done the game content yet so i would like to have fun of ‘just the game’, like dungeons, raids, questing etc. (Probably some of it will be OOC, because my character won’t have a real reason to go there… Like to go certain dungeon for 55th time…)
  4. Language. As you can see, my english is far from being perfect, i’m not native speaker (also i had s**tty school education if not the online games i wouldn’t be able to speak on decent level xD). How it looks like when some make a grammar mistake or misspeling? Are you ok with that, willing to help, or you are just dying in front of the pc screen? XD. (Yeah, this is my greatest fear! But from my experience is the most efficient and the most enjoyable way to master language for me ;p).
  5. I almost totally forgot! How the role-play looks like in the game? I’m used to… Rather a bit “lower fantasy”. I’m not sure i can handle all the superpower bs, where everything is explained by magic and people are powergamming on a daily basis. Because I think even in fantasy world there are some laws of physics and other stuff. How does it look like on AD-realm for example?

Thank you for all the answers,

Check out the answers in the other thread with almost the same questions as yours.

As for your 5th question, I’m not sure what to tell you… Almost everything in Warcraft is magic. Every playable class has some (or a lot of) magic to it, with their combat abilities that muggles cannot match.

I’m fairly sure the laws of physics are the same in Warcraft as IRL, but there are many magical ways to do things, like attacking, healing, levitating…

Regarding the queue-phobia, I trust Elrian’s assessment that there are no queues when logging into Argent Dawn (nor any other servers, except perhaps the RP servers on WoW Classic).


Before I posted a question here, I was looking for answers, but the searching engine wasn’t kind to me. After your reply, I just roughly scrolled down to 2018, searching again. I got partial answers for what I wanted. It is what it is.

I already created at Argent Dawn and as you said guys, I have not encountered any queues rn.

For 5th question I found some topics where ppl were discussing, there was no clear answer for it, opinions were divided ;).

There are many ways to roleplay in (high)fantasy world. I wanted to know which one of is default option here at WoW-RP (by default I mean what is the ‘daily basis’). If people here mostly act as he overpowered heroes (which your in game character is, because you are the main character of the story), or they play more… mundane (?) roleplay which isn’t necessarily connected with the game story in which u killed so near god-like creatures and saved the world for 123rd time ;). (that’s a stupid example, but I believe you know what I’m thinking about).

Furthermore, if I’m talking about it, perhaps you can answer me one more question. Is powergamin/metagamin a big problem?

I think maybe I misunderstood you, then :grinning:

As I mentioned, magic is an inescapable part of the Warcraft universe, but in my experience, good and decent roleplayers avoid RPing as a demigod who singlehandedly defeated Deathwing, the Lich King, and Old Gods with one strike.

I think most RPers would see such a character as pretty ridiculous, and would choose not interact with them.

That being said, my impression is that RPers do keep within the game’s story, but they definitely aren’t the main character in it.

I’m not sure what you mean by powergaming, but metagaming is - also in my experience - very much frowned upon by ‘serious’ roleplayers. Even some of the most powerful and knowledgeable lore characters in the game don’t know everything that we as players might know.

That’s on me, I wasn’t clear with my question ;).

Yeah, I know that, magic i everywhere. As I mentioned, there are just many ways how people play with it. Some of RPers use healing magic, and they describe it as instant healing (I’m not saying that’s impossible :D) some of them more like increasing healing ratio. None of these ways are bad nor good. One isn’t just my style of playing. I wanted to prepare myself for what I might encounter :D.

Powergaming - generally seeking to have the most powerful character without regard to the “rules” (I don’t know if there are any rules in RPers community, here but ‘common sense rule’). Describes what his/her character do with the other character without any chance to react it etc. etc. etc.

Okey you generally answered for all of my fears, all of my questions… but unlucky for you, i one last more.

EDITED: Nvm I will just look in game for someone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, if that is what powergaming is, I think I can safely say no one likes that, except maybe the person going around RPing “god”.

I believe if someone RPed like that in WoW, they would soon find themselves RPing alone, since that kind of roleplay is not enjoyable for most RPers.

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